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Started by JennyBear, October 04, 2017, 08:38:44 AM

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Not one to preach but:

   Having been a soldier, body-builder, semi-pro athlete and personal trainer, I am seeing some VERY DANGEROUS trends in the fitness forum. Some of these need to be addressed, or at the minimum considered before posting.

1. Everyone's biochemistry/body is different.

    While a specific diet or exercise plan/routine works for you, it is entirely possible that you are the exception and not the rule. We are all at different stages of transitioning, or maybe not transitioning at all. It doesn't take much to throw someones hormones out of whack, possibly causing life-threatening conditions in a worst case, or interfering with HRT in the best case.

2. Not everything you see on TV, commercial books and magazines, or the Internet is true.

   This goes double for any commercial or site that tries to sell you anything. A celebrity fitness blog or book may just be B.S. used to make the author money. Youtube channels that solicit donations are not exempt from this either. Its not a perfect world. For many greed overcomes the value of human life. Most vendors have claims that are exaggerated at the very least, and others outright lie to you. Anything regarding spending your hard earned money should be viewed with a healthy portion of skepticism.

3. Body/Fat/Physique shaming isn't just wrong, it can be dangerous and lead to life-threatening decisions, up to and including suicide.

    If someone is morbidly obese and their health is at risk, yes they might need a reminder of that fact. That doesn't make it ok to talk down to them or make intentionally hurtful comments. We all come here for information, companionship and support. Don't ruin it for others by comments that cause suffering, even unintentionally. You may find muscles, or the lack thereof unattractive, but unless the person is hitting on you, keep your thoughts to yourself. Even a simple "Ewww, he's all muscley" can have disastrous emotional consequences.

4. Do your homework and fact check, don't just state things as facts that you're at all unsure of.

    For the reasons listed in rule #2 as well as being due to the fact that some people are narcissistic and need to feel important by having others listen to them, double check any advice that has to do with your health and well being. It's even more important when it concerns the health of others. If you haven't had professional training, don't act like it. Anecdotal evidence is valid, but only on a case by case basis. It isn't always true. As to why this is important, see rule #1.

5. Listen to real experts such as Doctors, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers (that aren't selling memoirs,) Professional Body-Builders, Professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Dieticians, and any other Health Care Workers, like Doctors. (Yes important enough to state twice.)

    Anyone who claims they know all there is to know about fitness is full of it. Medical, nutritional, and sports sciences evolve on a daily basis and very few axioms are absolutes. That doesn't mean an expert that gets proven wrong shouldn't be listened to, unless it was due to greed or vanity (desire to be famous.) They are human too and make mistakes, or just aren't quite up to date on the latest research. The above experts whole careers are built on the improvements of others' health and well being. No Joe Schmoe off the street is going to be as invested or motivated in your personal successes or failures. And for the reason's stated in rule #1, you want to get the best info and support there is.

6.Don't overdo it. Know your limitations and stay safe.

    There are dangerous perils to pushing too far too fast. Dehydration, fatigue, joint sprains, muscle strains and tears, broken bones, feinting, concussions, heart attacks, kidney failure, respiratory failure, and even death can result from going too far past your body's limits when either dieting or exercising. If you're unsure if a particular diet tenet or exercise or routine is safe to perform, don't do it until you consult with the experts listed in rule #5. Getting and staying in shape is awesome, but not if it costs you your life and/or transition in the process.

7. Support each other!! This applies to everything, not just fitness!!

    All of us on this forum face trials and tribulations simply by being who we are. Taking an extra step to get or stay in shape takes even more effort than simply surviving another day. Some of us face deep depression cycles and feelings of hopelessness. If you have a forum friend that you frequently talk or give advice to, encourage them on a regular basis. Keep them motivated. Watch out for trouble signs and try to help them out of it. Feeling like you're all alone when you try to make lifestyle changes make it nearly impossible to succeed. A simple story of your own efforts or words of encouragement make them feel like there are others out there that care whether or not they fail. It can be as easy as a daily/weekly check-in on their progress followed by a "Good Job, Keep It Up." It does wonders for ones self-esteem and feelings of worth. This leads to continued motivation, perseverance, and eventual successes. Don't fail to support someone else simply because you haven't been able to bring yourself to make the same changes, or because you find it to be a hassle.

I LOVE and RESPECT all of you. Please, please, take these words to heart with starting your own fitness regimen or providing advice for some one else's. I want you all to be SAFE, HEALTHY, and HAPPY.

"Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got. I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block."


Anyone with ideas for other rules to add, feel free to chime in.
"Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got. I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block."


Thank you so much for the rules/advice. I was a bit scared coming into this section of the forums, but I feel a lot better having it moderated by these guidelines. <3