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Understanding Empaths

Started by Myrrial32, October 06, 2017, 07:01:09 PM

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Hi all, I've come to understand that I am an empath because of recent events in my life. I was staying with a friend for a few weeks to help them with a really emotional situation, so her emotions were high and all over the place. Well I started going to the gym regularly to help with reducing my stress and being calmer.

Also once my friend broke down crying and her feelings were so strong I actually felt them and went through the experience feeling it to the point I was so drained I couldn't walk for at least an hour. Ever since I started HRT it seemed to unlock a large range of emotions that I didn't really feel strongly and didn't even know how numb I was.

Well at the 2 week mark staying with her we got into a small fight in disagreement about a decision she seemed to make contrary to all I was doing to help her. Because my feelings were so built up from her I ended up freaking out when we were at the bar. Because she had been drinking and was going to leave me after I had planned to be the dd, I decided to grab her keys from her and took off in her car after a bit and her disappearing.

At that point I felt so worthless that I was actually starting to think about suicide, so I was going to go get my stuff from her place so I didn't burden her with having to bother with my stuff when I was gone since I didn't matter anyway. So I locked her door and a message from her felt like she didn't even care still about leaving the door unlocked. This finally got me out of the previous mood and I started to remember I actually did have others who cared about me and just became pissed at her so I ran off in my own car with her key for a few hours in the middle of the night until I eventually calmed down and let her come get the key.

Well I already felt anxiety in crowded places like bars and clubs so usually drink so I can tune it all out and just enjoy my time, sometimes too much of course since it is alcohol. Well anyway because I have been able to literally feel her emotions made me look more into empaths not just being empathy for others. Also I feel like my anxiety around people could be from being influenced by their energy or emotions.

I have also had a few times where I had my intuition warn me about a situation and it has felt like it had merit. Once I felt like my friends car would be vandalized if it was in her driveway, and I had a dream about a flat tire in a dream. After this I parked my car there instead of hers and my tire was vandalized, the exact one that was in my dream. Now because of this I am much more open to how my intuition feels because of how real this experience has been for me. We are still friends, but we are both taking time apart to put everything in perspective so we don't overwhelm each other.

So does this sound like I have an empathic ability, or could there be more rational explanations? I also am not sure how feeling someones emotions is considered a form of spirituality, though when I research empaths I find stuff about chakra, which I believe is some kind of spirituality?

Thanks for any insight I can get since the other posts about empaths seem to be outdated and I want to make sure the information I find isn't just someone making it up.