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Started by ButterflyMelissa, March 14, 2018, 02:19:33 AM

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Hi all,
Woohoo! I had it done! Three weeks ago, I got "cured" and am now in my six weeks recovery.
Dilation is part of that. And of late, I noticed that the dilator does not "slide" in this smooth anymore but more in "stops" if the skin either sticks to the dilator (that I did lube just like before) or that (help?) the skin "in front" of the dilator sticks together. The latter is probably not the case (I hope) because I had the same once as I took the dilator out...
I douche twice per day as recommended by the surgeon and am off to town to get a deep "pear" to rince (also allowed by the surgeon)...
I use K-Y lubricant...
Any ideas?
Edit ) I forgot to mention that of late I drink far less than what I used to do. Something I rectified as of yesterday. After I read that fluids moisten and give the skin more elsasticity...



Congrats!!!! I wouldn't say you are cured but, are now corrected to how you see yourself. I have to get mine going and planned and money up for it. The only thing I can think from other posts I have read is that you could have lost a little width and depth with the healing process which is normal. Also yes as you state fluids moisten the skin and makes it more elastic. Sounds like you are off to a good start with the cleaning and dilating!!!


Thank you!
I got worried, but clearly, I'm on the righ track.
I'm in the phase of 30 minutes three times per day and dilated sleeping...
All so new...
Thanks so much for your reply. Hope your turn comes soon...