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Transgendered American Lady Trying to Learn Farsi and Arabic

Started by Post-Operative Lady, June 13, 2018, 05:29:56 PM

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Post-Operative Lady


I've been trying to learn Farsi for a number of years on my own. In the books I've read, you're told that a basic knowledge of Arabic is useful. I'm learning very basic Arabic, now.
Is anyone willing to help me learn more Arabic or even Farsi; if you know some? Maybe we can Skype up some time.
I know that in some Middle Eastern communities, transgender and homosexuality can be touchy issues. That's one reason I've never consulted online tutors. Perhaps, another transgendered person who's knowledgeable can help. :angel:

Hoda fez(Farsi)
Salaam a Lakum(I know I got that wrong)