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Weightlifting for mtf

Started by juliafarmer, July 18, 2018, 04:46:00 AM

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Hi all, I'm new to the group and am super grateful for all the sharing everybody does. I looked around the forums and all the weightlifting posts seem to be ftm related. I run a farm and losing my strength is actually something I'm hoping to avoid. I'm curious if people have maintained or started a strength training program through being on hormones and how that has played out. I'm not at all worried about some visible muscle, but then again, I've never put on bulk as it is. I'd love to gain some weight, though! 5'11" and 140 doesn't leave a lot of room for fat, and it would be great to have some more.

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At 5'11" and 140 pounds, you are very tall and thin. Many of us are extremely jealous of your size and weight.

Assuming that your Testosterone levels were normal pre-HRT, your genetics are mainly responsible for your size and weight. Estrogens will just make your muscle mass diminish even more. Serious strength training will help some, but to put on muscle, you need Testosterone. There is no way around that.

If your first priority is feminization, then you need to be between 20% and 30% body fat, like most women are. I would suggest a good balanced diet and moderate strength training with some aerobic and stretching mixed into your daily workout. Just let the hormones do their magic. Many women can become stronger than they expected by good diet and exercise.