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Dealing with obsession

Started by Angelic, August 31, 2018, 07:58:43 AM

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So I have this Internet obsession. Like I wake up feeling either depressed or mediocre, and so I browse the internet in order to not feel bored. And I read a few threads, post a couple things, and it's like "Now what"? I don't know what else to do.

So I just linger around, scrolling, clicking random threads. Posting some more. And then it hit's me, like what is the point of it all.

And then worst is when, I think about women who rejected me. The one's that bother me the most are the one's who dumped me for some shallow or bigotted reason. It makes me mad that noone has any compassion on me. It feels like the world is crawling with robots. And I think about how the world has no compassion, that it is just a giant prison planet of laws and punishments and delusions. And it feels like psychopathic robots are all cold statues devoid of compassion. And that humans are all selfish, evil robots meant to destroy us all. And it grinds my gears and I hyperventilate and I am filled with hate and visions of doom.
Intolerables, everywhere...cannot escape them.


Just remember you are not alone. R2D2 was great and faithful companion even when doom was certain. May the force be with you!