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Just another thread of little or no importance

Started by Laurie, December 04, 2018, 09:39:11 PM

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You thought you might sneak this in here when you knew I may not find it..."girl you got some splaining to do!!" Can't remember which sitcom that came from but it's very apt.

I am just going to have to go and get all positive on you...Actually I'm not...I will say that I really hope your tests are fine again but whatever happens whether or not you have GCS you will always be one of the special women in my life that I cherish see what you did made me get all gooey [emoji847][emoji847]

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The thread may be of little importance in name only.

YOU are very important!  Special too.

Always stay cheerful, be polite, kind, and understanding. Accepting yourself as the woman you are is very liberating.
Never underestimate the appreciation and respect of authenticity.  Be brave, be strong.  Try a little kindness.  I am a brown eyed brunette. 


  As those who are interested know, on December 4, 2018 LizK a very good friend of mine had her GCS surgery. She is doing well afterward and is healing as expected and has what I believe to be a permanent huge >-bleeped-< eating smiles on her face. I suspect she may be happy over her current events.
  I will remember her date with pleasant memories with ease as it is on that date two years ago that I began my journey with HRT by taking my first ill gotten medications.
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Well dear you kept that quiet , Happy belated E versary . Same time as my 1 year !!! (well month anyway as cant remember the date!!) Will have all my apendeges crossed for you test, may it all be fine and dandy. XXXXXXXX

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I'm another complainer about your "hidden" thread, Laurie! I am only now catching up with my weekly "Search email for notifications that I missed".

Regardless of your feelings about Susan's itself, I hope you realize that there is a whole community of loving people here (plus a few grouchy ones) who care about you and want to know how you're doing. Sometimes we even post a little about ourselves.

I hope your Monday appointment brings more good news, and you're able to enjoy a nice weekend with Michelle. Love to you both. Randy
If so, then why not?