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Computing and networking

Started by ConfusedNyan, December 16, 2018, 05:19:06 PM

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Hi, all.

How many here count computers and networking as one of their hobbies?  While I also do this kind of thing for a living, it's been a hobby of mine for the better part of four decades getting my fierce devotion.  I do just about everything from modern computing and networking to legacy and vintage computing. 

In recent years, I've been doing a lot of vintage computing, notably visiting my earlier years of computing, mainly playing with Z80 simulators running OSes like CP/M as well as emulators of the first-ever computers I've ever used, notably the Apple II.  Plus I built a real Z80 machine from a kit recently.

For things more recent, I play a lot of PC games, plus I do a lot of playing with virtualization (I may use the term "v12n" to signify this), allowing me to mess with various operating systems old and new without devoting any dedicated hardware... or do I?  (Well, I do have some dedicated hardware for v12n, however, a total of three machines running VMware ESXi.)

I frequently do freelance consulting for friends and others.

If anyone has any questions or has similar experience, let me know!



A few years ago I was into the whole computers hobby. I ran my own Linux server, complete with web forum, SMF as a matter of fact, but I got to the point to where I didn't want to bother constantly tweaking everything, and having the stress of power outages, and hackers.  I do occasionally write webpage PHP code though.