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Lesbian romance

Started by Lunarite, February 05, 2019, 04:05:01 PM

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OK, not unlike HappyMoni's question some time ago, can anyone recommend any decent lesbian romance lit?

The LGBT section that used to be in my local library turned out to just mean 'gay (male)'.
Doesn't actually need to be specifically romance as the story focus, really - as Hollywood knows, it's often nice elsewhere. Like so many, I appreciate (though do not demand) it in a story, even if I am not a reader of straight-up romance (though perhaps that's because most that I have encountered has been straight romance, which just doesn't really work for me).

I've read all of Sarah Waters' work, as would be the obvious suggestion! I'd particularly recommend The Night Watch, from amongst them - it's not romance-y, though most of the main characters are lesbians.

Probably the closest thing to an actual romance novel I have read would be The Time Traveler's Wife, which I enjoyed. No WLW here, and not exactly the happiest of tales, though, and sometimes that's what is wanted!

Should I encounter any such tales of the heart (and other figuratively associated organs) in my travels, I'll be back - I know the prospective audience for this can't be limited to just me!


I've just begun The Price of Salt a 1952 romance novel by Patricia Highsmith now retitled "Carol". It's promising, I hope it's as good as Desert of the Heart by Jane Rule, which is probably my favorite lesbian focused book so far.

Ann Bannon's works are all amazing, classic lesbian '50s pulp fiction. They're important for having skirted the censors in keeping the main characters alive if not exactly happy I an era when most gay stories had to involve a.death or similar to not be banned by the postal service
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