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Job in California

Started by Natalya, February 27, 2019, 11:28:03 AM

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Maybe somebody will advise trans friendly work places in SF Bay Area. I just moved here from Philadelphia and now understand California is not paradise for trans people, as says many people who don't live here. Here extremely low salaries I just have offers for 12$/ hour without any benefits. But how to live if I pay 1400 every month for rent  and for doctors and medications 500-1000, and I have many another bills  ??? I can not have any government benefits because I not US citizen.
In Philadelphia I drove for Uber and had subsidized medications, but here Uber don't take me. I have good experience driving 26 ft truck, but everybody want man who will load and unload. I have good education and experience of car damages evaluation and insurance, but I have not good English for this work.
I can not move back to PA, and have not money for it, because I must fit to live here :)