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FFS in Australia

Started by Cindy, February 04, 2016, 12:05:56 AM

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Someone posted a while back about finding FFS surgeons in Aus. I said at the time I would enquire. I have (finally) had this reply from Andrew Ives.

HI Cindy

There are several surgeons i know in australia that are doing FFS, me included (!!!), but i don't do any 'bone work'.

Also, Ian Carlisle in Melbourne, and a surgeon Patrick Tansley who works in Melbourne and Brisbane

Hope to catch up soon


roxie rudi

Hi Cindy,
I think that might have been me. Nonetheless I have been VERY interested in finding out about FFS in Australia and I have started a couple of threads about FFS in Oz and I thank you very much for this info. But it now appears that I will have to get to Spain and Dr Capitan for FFS because of my surgical desires.

Let yourself go!
Adelaide's a lovely city as I remember,
ciao bella,
Be beautiful! Be brave!

Rainbow Bay

Thank you Cindy

This is good to know. Is Dr Ives the only one who doesn't do "bone work" or does this apply to all of them?



Quote from: Rainbow Bay on February 10, 2016, 04:03:05 AM
Thank you Cindy

This is good to know. Is Dr Ives the only one who doesn't do "bone work" or does this apply to all of them?

I know Dr Ives does face lifts etc, I have friends who have been to him for that.

I presume his comment on the orher surgeons meant they do bone work. You are in Australia - ask them!

bunny girl

How's Tansley with MTF Breast Augmentation? Does he work with Daniel Fleming?


Quote from: Cindy on February 04, 2016, 12:05:56 AM
Dr Patrick Tansley who works in Melbourne and Brisbane

Had a consult with Dr Tansley and Dr Seneviratne yesterday regarding FFS. Really looked forward to it after seeing Dr Sadeghi a few weeks ago.

The consult yesterday left me feeling a little empty and feeling that I had to justify my transitioning, they were very thorough and seemed pleasant.  I had a referral from my Endo and they had full access to my Drs and new prior that I was a Transgender Women.
I'm not too sure I feel confident in their approach to MTF, especially to how many procedures they had already carried out on Trans ladies regarding facial feminisation. It almost felt that I was their homework but again they were very thorough.

Regards top work they have a very good reputation regarding this but again not sure with the transgender community, you will have to do some research. Consult fee is not cheap but not as expensive as Dr Ingram.

My consult with Dr Sadeghi was the complete opposite, very warm and realistic with what can and can't be achieved, regarding my expectations. Very thorough, very exact in his costings. Infact I have seen him a second time and he did not charge for the consult! If I want to move forward he explained that he will expect a third and final consultation where he will confirm exactly how he believes the procedures will be carried out and fine details.

I really connected with him. I think this is one of the most important aspects; is this person someone that you trust?

Not too sure if this is who I will go with as I am seeking a third Dr, this will give me a good idea to my final decision regarding FFS.

Non of the above Dr's do bone work. This is something I am not interested in.
Warm Regards Michelle