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How do YOU handle the cold?

Started by Lady Sarah, September 03, 2018, 04:40:00 PM

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I used to handle the cold better in years past, working outside during the winter I just got used to being in the cold. The cold temps we get similar to this winter has been coldest at -30c but the last 5 weeks have been -15 to -25c. So I have several layers of down to layer for the temp and activity I am doing then also being in the sun on a cold clear day certainly helps. Insulated/thick hats plus items called buffs (tubular cloth for around the neck) and neck gaiters, warm gloves and/or mitts, 1 or 2 insulating layers on the legs. Now what I have found this winter after my toes getting cold, are electric socks with a all day lasting chargeable battery pack, that just took the cold out of winter. As well as mentioned lots of hot drinks, and no alcohol. As much as a nice hot toddy is, during the day no thank you(because of work), but afterwards back in a nice warm building yes it is a nice sip on one.
For the bed, down duvets, even double up on those when really cold.
I feel I am getting colder in my later years more than I used to, could be just lack insulation on the body(read fat) LoL!
Yes Danielle I agree, my question in retrospect is, "How do I handle the heat?"
Being on HRT I have not noticed any changes yet, but I am sure I will.



Quote from: Carna on February 18, 2019, 06:41:54 AM
Well, first thing is don't wear narrow clothes. Second thing, many layears of clothes won't help, why, because rule #1, don't wear narrow clothes. Third thing is drink hot beverages and if you can go into shop or cafee just go, it can help you to warm up a little.

I spent half a century in Massachusetts, wearing multiple layers is THE best way to stay warm, and I'm sure anyone else from a cold climate would agree with that.


I've never put it to the test but I am reminded of a little rhyme that I read in a science primer, when I was a child:

If you must climb the Himalayas
Despite your mother's prayers,
It is best to begin with wool next to the skin
And then layers and layers and layers.

The book went on to explain that wool is a very good insulator.

Northern Star Girl

As was mentioned by many others on this thread....   putting on many layers of clothing helps a lot.
.... and also...

Avoid skin-tight tops and form fitting stretch clothing like skinny jeans, leggings and tights... they do not insulate well from the cold, looser fit clothing allows a warm air buffer between your skin and the material and outside cold.

The nice thing about wearing layers is that once you are inside you can take off the outside layers and still be presentably dressed.   

When outside in the bitter cold,  wool hats that cover the ears, scarf around the neck, warm gloves, wool socks and insulated boots are what we do here where I live in the depths of winter cold weather.


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Quote from: Devlyn on March 05, 2019, 01:46:33 PM
I spent half a century in Massachusetts, wearing multiple layers is THE best way to stay warm, and I'm sure anyone else from a cold climate would agree with that.
Yes, I spent 40+ years of my life in Minnesonwta, I know what cold is, up there we know him by his first name.
And yes, the more layers you can pack on (It can be thin material), the more air is trapped between the layers, and the warmer you are.  Up there everybody wears so many layers that the people are absolutely looking gender neutral! The only thing that gives them away is their voice!
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I grew up in VA which had a winter but nothing compared to the north of course. That said it was plenty for me and I started making my way south as soon as I could. Me and the cold just never got along. I don't know how those that have to deal with months of bitter cold do it.


Freezing....  brrr.  When the sun goes down I start looking for extra layers.  Its the only problem I have with Estrogen.

Maid Marion

I find it helps to wear more insulation up top. I carry fat in the lower half of my body, so if I insulate the top and bottom of my body equally, I'll feel cold.  But, if I insulate the top better with layers, and not so much with my legs, I'll feel warmer.