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A school pulled 2 students from a lesbian teacher’s class...

Started by Jessica_Rose, January 12, 2024, 03:36:42 PM

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A school pulled 2 students from a lesbian teacher's class. Their parents wanted a straight teacher.

Story by John Russell (12 Jan 2024)

A Montana school board's vote to remove two students from a lesbian elementary school teacher's class because their parents wanted them to have a straight teacher has sparked controversy in the community.

As local paper The Missoulian reported, during a "getting to know you" activity early in the school year, a teacher at Frenchtown Intermediate School in Frenchtown, Montana, mentioned that she has a wife in response to a student's question about a photo.

Subsequently, the parents of two students in the teacher's class requested to have their children transferred to a straight teacher's class. In September, the Frenchtown School District board held two closed-door meetings—per a Montana privacy law—during which they considered the matter.

While Superintendent Les Meyer recommended that the board not reassign the students, during a September 25 meeting, a motion not to transfer the students failed by a 3–2 vote, with two board trustees absent. One trustee, Amanda Hansen, argued that the board needed to "advocate for the children" and described the teacher as a "grown woman" making "adult choices," according to the Missoulian.
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