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Response to First Do No Harm: Why we treat gender diverse youth

Started by Northern Star Girl, February 09, 2024, 06:29:43 PM

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Northern Star Girl

        Response to First Do No Harm: Why we treat gender diverse youth

                                                DAILY MAVERICK

By  Professional Association for Transgender Health South Africa and
    Southern African HIV Clinicians Society
    08 Feb 2024

EXCERPTS Below: (Click News Link above for entire story)
Considering the wealth of evidence that gender dysphoria is real and has negative consequences for trans youth, the ethical principle of 'first do no harm' should recognise that delaying care can, in itself, be a form of harm.

As the Professional Association for Transgender Health South Africa (Pathsa) and the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society (SAHCS), we write to express our dismay at the recently published Daily Maverick opinion piece by FDNHSA (First Do No Harm South Africa) titled "A call on SA medical professionals to heed evidence on child and adolescent gender distress".

Gender dysphoria is the psychological distress experienced due to a mismatch between an individual's sex assigned at birth and their gender identity. This incongruence can lead to significant distress, impacting social interactions, performance at work or school, and overall functioning in daily life.

We will identify some logical inconsistencies in the FDNHSA article and offer additional references to encourage further thought and discussion in the spirit of scholarly exchange and good faith.

Puberty blockers, which have been used for decades to manage conditions like early onset puberty, offer a reversible, short-term option for trans youth to delay puberty-related changes, allowing time for thoughtful and empowering exploration.

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Note:  This is a very informative publication and the truncated summary above only covers a few of the points... 
....please click the News Link to read the entire article.

                                    DAILY MAVERICK
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