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Oklahoma banned trans students from bathrooms. Now a bullied student is dead...

Started by Jessica_Rose, February 20, 2024, 11:39:08 AM

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Oklahoma banned trans students from bathrooms. Now a bullied student is dead after a fight

Story by Bevan Hurley (20 Feb 2024)

Whenever Oklahoma teenager Nex Benedict was bullied at school for being transgender, their mother Sue Benedict would encourage the 16-year-old to rise above their tormentors.

"I didn't know how bad it had gotten."

A few weeks ago, on 7 February, the bullying allegedly erupted in violence when Nex suffered severe head injuries during a "physical altercation" at Owasso High School, according to the Owasso Police Department.

Sue Benedict told The Independent she was called to the school that day to find Nex badly beaten with bruises over their face and eyes, and with scratches on the back of their head.

She took Nex to the Bailey Medical Center in Owasso for treatment. They spoke to a police school resource officer at the medical facility and were discharged.

That night, Nex went to bed with a sore head and eventually fell asleep while listening to music, Ms Benedict said.

On 8 February, Nex was getting ready to go to Tulsa with Ms Benedict for an appointment when they collapsed in the family living room.

Ms Benedict called an ambulance, and EMT officers arrived to find Nex had stopped breathing. Nex was declared dead that evening in hospital.

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Quote from: Miharu Barbie on February 20, 2024, 01:15:18 PMThis breaks my heart.


Mine too. The monsters who murdered Nex aren't the only perps. All the adults who fanned the flames of transphobia are also guilty.
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