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Broken jaw, skull tear and scars: trans people sue Amsterdam UMC after surgery

Started by Gwendoline, February 21, 2024, 12:56:07 AM

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Broken jaw, skull tear and scars: trans people sue Amsterdam UMC after surgery

Nh News (dutch regio News) 21-2-2024 07:10

First of all: terrible when something goes wrong during an operation. It's about four lawsuits from 2016. And also with this surgeon: it is a human being and something can always go wrong or different than expected. You also don't read anything about it, although it went well.

Four transgender people who underwent surgery to feminise their faces sue the Amsterdam UMC. This is evident from research from the tv- program Zembla. The procedures, all carried out by the same surgeon, failed and caused great damage. For example, a saw blade got stuck, causing a piece of jaw bone to break off. Also, the surgeon would have persuaded patients to do more surgeries than they wanted.

Zembla investigated four lawsuits in which patients held the Amsterdam UMC liable for the injury they would have left from the operations.

Piece of jaw breaks off

In 2016, the saw got stuck during a jaw correction, after which a piece of bone broke through the loosening. Subsequently, the patient would have received another facelift without medical necessity and has since struggled with an asymmetrical face, continuous pain, large scars and hair loss. An independent expert stated in the case that the surgeon did not sufficiently inform.

A patient who underwent surgery on her forehead and nose in 2021 is said to have had a tear in her skull base as a rus a ree. However, the hospital says that it is 'not plausible' that that was the result of the procedure, while a doctor on a tape in the possession of Zembla does put this correlation.

In addition, there is another case in which a patient suffers from breathing problems and damaged vocal cords after a failed nose operation. A fourth patient has a permanently hanging eyelid that almost completely closes her eye.