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Started by Susan, February 21, 2024, 08:26:37 PM

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Dear Forum Family,

To address recent issues processing PayPal donations, I have set up a new subscription account. This aims to fix PayPal incorrectly routing payments to the wrong IPN listeners, which has complicated our payment processing This adjustment should hopefully streamline transactions moving forward.

I ask those who are able to help me test the system by making a donation and/or starting a subscription. This will help test and verify the new system. For anyone contemplating a subscription, now is an ideal time to provide vital support.

Even if this totally fixes the payment processing issues, Susan's Place is facing serious financial peril. I was forced to cancel all active subscriptions in January, due to the server restoration, adding in the ongoing payment processing issues, we face a $1,600 deficit. This shortfall critically threatens our important work. As things stand, I will not be able to afford to pay March's bills.  I really need your help!

Throughout our history, your unwavering support has been the foundation enabling our shared mission and community. But now, to weather this storm, I desperately need your help.

At this crucial juncture, your generosity is more vital than ever. Whether donating, subscribing, or spreading our mission, every contribution helps immensely.

We stand at a crossroads, with our collective light at risk of fading. Yet I believe together we can rekindle our fire and raise our voices once more. Our community is strongest when united as one.

I urge you to join me in reaffirming our shared dedication. Safeguarding our future begins today. Your continued solidarity will inspire hope in us all.

With my deep appreciation,
Susan Larson
Susan's Place Transgender Resources

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