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On the Forum - Newly appointed Official Greeters

Started by Northern Star Girl, February 25, 2024, 12:41:28 AM

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Northern Star Girl

Please join me welcoming our new Forum "Official Greeters"
      @Sarah B        @LoriDee

They will be of great assistance in helping our newly registered
members get settled in and familiar with how to navigate around the Forum.

[Northern Star Girl]
The Forum Administrator
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Congratulations Sarah and LoriDee.  Thank you for taking this on this work.



Thank you both for volunteering to help keep the site running!

Hugs, Devlyn


Thank You both for helping out. It's a hugely important role and even Danielle started out as a forum greeter. Hugs
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.
I am also spouse of a transgender person.
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That is a power tag team right there!... Sarah B and LoriDee... Kudos to both of you for stepping up to welcome the ones coming in from the cold!  Well done ladies! 🤗


Ashley 😀💕🌻
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I don't think I ever prepared a greeting for an official welcome! We're always grateful to have folks help out, and our Official Greeters play an important role in getting information to our new members. Thanks for volunteering! I'm sure not too much arm-twisting was involved.

Love always -- Jessica Rose
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Thank you both! There's nothing more precious to us than our time, and to give yours in service of others is really special! ❤️ I normally hate speaking for other people, but EVERYONE here really appreciates it! ❤️😘🥰

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