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Nonbinary people have hormone therapy and surgery more often than you... think

Started by Jessica_Rose, March 28, 2024, 06:19:48 AM

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Nonbinary people have hormone therapy and surgery more often than you might think

Story by Dr Sav Zwickl, Tomi Ruggles, Associate Professor Ada Cheung (27 March 2024)

Nonbinary is a broad umbrella term for people who have a gender that does not fit exclusively into the woman/man gender binary.

About 2% to 4.6% of the population is nonbinary.

Within the Australian trans and gender-diverse community, survey respondents were split approximately one-third trans women, one-third trans men and one-third nonbinary.

They may affirm their nonbinary gender in different ways, including social affirmation like changing clothing, name and pronouns, and legal affirmation, like changing their legal name and/or gender.

Although the Australian Government has recognized nonbinary genders for more than a decade (with an "X" gender or sex marker), nonbinary people continue to face barriers to legal recognition in some states and territories.

Just as nonbinary people are diverse in how they socially and legally affirm their gender, so too are the ways that they may or may not medically affirm their gender.

There is a common misconception that nonbinary people rarely, if ever, pursue medical gender affirmation—that is, gender affirming hormone therapy and/or gender affirming surgery.

However, as research in International Journal of Transgender Health shows, a growing number of nonbinary people have or want to affirm their gender medically...

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FWIW, I consider myself non-binary, but present female and wanted hormones and surgery.

Also, I couldn't see the article using the link in the OP, but managed to find it on the
source site:
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