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A New Book About Transgender Teenagers Seeks to Uplift Their Stories

Started by Jessica_Rose, March 25, 2024, 09:29:47 AM

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A New Book About Transgender Teenagers Seeks to Uplift Their Stories (Exclusive)

Story by Carly Tagen-Dye (25 March 2024)

In their new book 'American Teenager,' journalist Nico Lang documents the lives of transgender, nonbinary and genderfluid teenagers across the U.S.

Award-winning journalist Nico Lang has shared the cover of their new book, American Teenager, exclusively with PEOPLE. The book, which details the lived experiences of transgender, nonbinary and genderfluid youth across the U.S., is forthcoming this fall from Abrams Books.

"American Teenager was the book that I needed to see in the world: One that privileges the complexities of joy and gives a platform to those who desperately need it during a dark, difficult time," Lang tells PEOPLE.

"What so many people who wish to wipe out the very existence of trans youth forget is that they aren't boogeymen or political talking points," the author says. "They are just kids, trying to figure out who they're taking to prom this year and finish their homework in time to hang out with their friends. They're still figuring it all out, and in American Teenager, I wanted to create a space where that's not only permitted but celebrated."
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