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Trans Day of Visibility: We're Speaking Out For Our Rights

Started by Jessica_Rose, April 01, 2024, 07:57:37 AM

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Trans Day of Visibility: We're Speaking Out For Our Rights

Story by August Dekker, Desi (Desmond is Amazing), Jazz Jennings, Kayden Asher, Lake Geslani, Samy Nemir, and Percy Batista-Pedro (31 March 2024)

As youth and adults who are transgender and nonbinary, Trans Day of Visibility is profoundly significant to us, and this year, it comes at a particularly challenging time for our community.

It's a day that transcends visibility; it's a celebration of community, resiliency, and the profound power of being seen for who we truly are. It's a day when all of our voices deserve to be heard. Unfortunately, our voices are often silenced or marginalized. We are told our identities are not valid, or that we're not allowed to be ourselves. And in the news and social media, there is so much misinformation and negativity about us and our community.

We want the world to see us for who we truly are and to understand that trans and nonbinary people are humans, just like anyone else. At a minimum, we deserve respect and dignity.

We want to reclaim our narratives and #SpeakOUT against the injustices other trans and nonbinary people youth like us are struggling with. We are making ourselves visible by amplifying our voices on social media and joining lawsuits with organizations like Lambda Legal to push back against the attacks on our communities.

Embrace your truth, for it is our greatest source of strength. We love you.
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