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Nebraska bill to ban transgender students from bathrooms and sports... fails

Started by Jessica_Rose, April 05, 2024, 07:13:25 PM

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A Nebraska bill to ban transgender students from the bathrooms and sports of their choice fails

Story by MARGERY A. BECK (5 April 2024)

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A bill that that would bar transgender students from school bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams that correspond with their gender identity failed Friday to get enough votes to advance in heavily conservative Nebraska.

Legislative Bill 575, dubbed the Sports and Spaces Act by its author Sen. Kathleen Kauth, would have restricted students to teams and facilities for the gender they were assigned at birth. An amended version would have gone a step further by barring students taking male hormones from girls' teams, even if they were assigned female at birth, effectively excluding transgender males from all sports competition.

The bill needed 33 votes to end a filibuster and failed by a margin of 31 to 15, eliciting a cheer from protesters outside the chamber. Sens.

With only four days left in the legislative session, the bill is dead for the year.

Kauth touted the measure as protecting women's sports, saying that allowing transgender women to play on women's teams creates "a significant barrier for female athletes to compete in sports."

"This is not about protecting women," said Hunt, who has been open about being bisexual. "It's about the danger and the power of the imagination of a bigot, Sen. Kauth, and those who would support a bill like this."

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