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Uganda cited Dobbs to back an anti-LGBTQ crackdown. Americans should be worried

Started by Jessica_Rose, April 05, 2024, 07:19:29 PM

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Uganda cited Dobbs to back an anti-LGBTQ crackdown. Americans should be worried too.

Opinion by Julianne McShane (5 April 2024)

Yesterday, Uganda's constitutional court, the country's second-highest judicial body, cited the US Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade in its ruling to uphold the majority of a sweeping anti-gay law that criminalizes homosexuality and same-sex marriage, and allows for convictions of up to life in prison and the death penalty in some cases.

The court wrote that Dobbs constitutes a recent development "in human rights jurisprudence...where the Court considered the nation's history and traditions, as well as the dictates of democracy and rule of law, to over-rule the broader right to individual autonomy."

In the ruling... the court repealed certain sections of the law, including those that criminalized renting property to LGBTQ people and mandated reporting "acts of homosexuality" to police.

"We have been saying in the United States that the decision in Dobbs could easily be extended to the context of personal liberties, like the choice to engage in sex with a person of the same sex, to marry a person of the same sex, to use contraception," Melissa Murray, a professor at New York University's School of Law... told me. "The fact that a high court in another country used it in that way suggests how easily it might be deployed in our country for the same thing."

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Here in the UK, some of the most anti-transgender rhetoric has come from LGB group attempting to removing our rights. So so stupid because if successful they will be next in the spotlight by the right.
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