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Undergraduate Dissertation Research- Grammatical Gendered Languages

Started by sp884, April 18, 2024, 07:41:55 AM

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This is the link to my undergraduate dissertation research survey that the forum administrator (Danielle/ Northern Star Girl) approved:

As pretty much stated in my introduction post:
My name is Sienna, and I'm an undergraduate university student in my third year completing a BSc in Anthropology at the University of Kent. I'm working on my dissertation, looking at languages with grammatical gender (e.g. languages like Italian and Spanish, nouns are either masculine or feminine). I'm curious if this affects/bothers people with gender identities outside the typical binary of male and female, like non-binary or transgender identities. Using this forum, I would be very grateful if anyone could answer the 5 questions I have put together in a Google form, they are open-ended style questions, and you can be as brief or detailed as you want/comfortable with! All responses will also be kept anonymous.

As you can probably guess, I came to online forums because it's not easy to find participants in person. Talking about gender identities, I understand, can be very personal, so this online anonymised format can be safer. :) I've heard this site has people from multiple backgrounds, which is also helpful in my research.

If anyone is also particularly interested in this topic, it would be awesome to message one-on-one and do the Google form survey. Having one and one interviews would also be good research! But NONE of this is compulsory, and only if anyone is interested and doesn't mind helping me out and can do so.


Northern Star Girl

I have approved this research topic for being posted on the Susan's Place Forum. 
Importantly, this study has received ethical approval from the
        School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent   Ethics Board ...
...located in Canterbury, England

Members who wish to reply to this topic, partake in surveys, etc, do so of their own choice and
there is no compulsion to participate.

[Northern Star Girl]
The Forum Administrator              cc: @sp884 [Sienna]
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