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Divisions - Who should share the ring?

Started by BlueJaye, April 20, 2024, 10:02:47 PM

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I was featured in an article published today by The Ring magazine, which is a very well known media outlet for boxing. Some of you likely saw the recent news about Patricio Manuel experiencing a loss in his latest bout, and would recognize his name. He is the reason I was included in this article and I appreciate the help and encouragement he has offered in my fight with USA Boxing. When The Ring reached out to him about the amateur boxing transgender athlete policy, he directed the journalist to me. So, that is how I ended up being interviewed and featured. Finding transgender boxers is very hard to do, so the journalist was happy to have a name and phone number to find me at.

I can't say I am thrilled with my deadname being used in the article, but it was inevitable that somebody somewhere would bring it up. However, I will say that Tom, the journalist who interviewed me, was very respectful and sympathetic of my situation with USA Boxing. For that, I can forgive some of the language in the article that could have been improved. He did his best to write about a very controversial topic, which he himself is not immersed in daily.

With the language warning already raised, here is a link to the story for anyone who wishes to read it:


Thanks for the link, BlueJaye. My takeaway is that you're brave. As America's first transgender teacher, I know how hot the spotlight is.


That smile!

You are truly an inspiration.
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