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Why Are So Many More Gen Z Identifying as LGBTQ+?

Started by Jessica_Rose, May 30, 2024, 08:44:14 AM

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Why Are So Many More Gen Z Identifying as LGBTQ+?

Story by Suzanne Blake (May 2024)

Gen Z has bucked social trends time and time again, often creating their own. But one thing social scientists have yet to fully explain?

Gen Z's increasingly different experience with sexuality.

According to a recent PRRI report, nearly 30 percent of Gen Z identifies as LGBTQ+. That's a high figure when you take into account Baby Boomers only identified as LGBTQ+ 4 percent of the time. Even compared to millennials, Gen Z is a notably more sexually fluid generation, as millennials only identified as LGBTQ+ 16 percent of the time.

But what's causing the younger generation, which includes those from age 12 to 27, to come out as gay, bisexual and the range of other identities included under the LGBTQ+ umbrella?

It likely lies in how they were raised, experts say.

"Gen Z is so much more likely to identify as LGBTQ because this generation sees others living authentic lives," Suzanne Ford, the executive director of San Francisco Pride, told Newsweek. "They actually have queer role models to look up to."

"This generation's young people have greater access to sources of information, inspiration, and affirmation that are unencumbered and unfiltered by people who would otherwise seek to quash individual authenticity and courage," Nguyen Pham, president of San Francisco Pride, told Newsweek.

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And this is where the problem lays, Governments do not understand this, and think that Gen Z are just getting on a bandwagon, following the herd, however you wish to describe it. The do not believe that there can be so many LGBTQ+ people, specially at the under 18's, and specifically trans youth.

So they (in the UK at least) are banning everything to "protect children"

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