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Hey Susan

Started by Mhernandez, May 29, 2024, 07:13:54 PM

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Hey Susan I'm trying to message you about needing your help with an issue but it's saying I have no access to message you

Northern Star Girl

Quote from: Mhernandez on May 29, 2024, 07:13:54 PMHey Susan I'm trying to message you about needing your help with an issue but it's saying I have no access to message you

@Mhernandez           cc: @Susan 
Dear Mhernandez:

I have noticed that you have just registered today as a new member and
that you have submitted your very first posting here on the Introductions sub-forum.

All of us on the Forum are very glad that you found us and that you are now here.

WELCOME TO Susan's Place and the Forum.

Regarding your efforts to contact Susan, our Site Founder and Owner, you can
contact her via her E-Mail:

I'm Danielle, the Forum if you can not get in touch
with Susan you can contact me via my private and confidential E-Mail:

Here on the Forum we have members coming from all backgrounds and with a variety of experiences.

I am wishing you a Warm Welcome to Susan's Place!

I look forward to your involvement on the Forum and reading your
future postings, comments and thoughts.

Please review the LINKS at the end of this message, they include information which will help you to navigate
the site and use the available features. Look especially at the LINKS in RED...
...there are answers to questions that most new members ask.

Once you reach 15 posts you will be able to send and reply to Forum private messages, also
you will then be able to upload and post your Avatar profile picture.

Warmest Regards,
[Northern Star Girl]  E-Mail:
The Forum Administrator
Helpful links to information that you should read

          cc:  @Devlyn  @Jessica_Rose  @Mariah  @Sarah B  @LoriDee
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Sarah B

Hello Mhernandez

My name is Sarah B and I would also like to formally, Welcome you to Susan's Place!

I see that Danielle has also welcomed you as well.

Danielle is not the only one that could help you there more than likely others here on Susan's that will be able to help you.  All you need to do is ask, however only share what you are comfortable in sharing.

Danielle has mentioned that you need at least 15 posts to be able to have a private conversation with her,  Susan's Discord is another place where one can have a private conversation with others.

Once you feel comfortable here, it would be appreciated if you add a little bit more about yourself in the other forums and threads.  I would appreciate it very much as, I'm always interested in learning something new about new members

In addition members of Susan's will more than likely will discuss problems or issues that are similar to yours as most have experienced these issues as well.

Take care and all the best for the future.

Once again, Welcome to Susan's Place!
Sarah B
Offical Greeter
@Northern Star Girl
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