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We are on our way

Started by Lilis, June 11, 2024, 10:40:03 AM

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Low dose Estradiol, and low dose Spironolactone has begun!

In these early days we're going to spend time reflecting.

Later, on when progress is noticeably we're going to experiment with clothing, hairstyles, and accessories to make us feel comfortable and confident in our new look, and expressing our gender.

Exciting days ahead......  🎉❤
GAHT ~ Started Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy on June 10th, 2024.

There are two people in my head, a man and a woman.


Yays!  :)

Make sure you drink plenty of water on spiro, and  be mindful of your potassium intake.

Hugs, Devlyn


I hope the meds bring you the relief you desire. Good luck onwards with your journey  :)
Beware the darkness of dragons, Beware the stalker of dreams, Beware the talons of power and fire, Beware one who is not what she seems.
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