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Started by owl, July 12, 2010, 03:38:02 AM

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I don't believe in anything "paranormal," so a no on ghosts from me!

UFOs, however, are a logical possibility and though most of the "sightings" reported are probably bull>-bleeped-<, I won't eliminate the probability of there being life forms on planets in galaxies other than our own. Besides, what do aliens have to do with religion? It's not life after death or heaven or hell or spiritual; it's just another life form. Logical? Yes. Possible? Yes. Says me, anyway. :P


Calder Smith

Not all Atheists don't believe in ghosts.  I believe in the paranormal.

Obviously, I don't believe in heaven but I think sometimes our spirits are unrested and try to make peace.
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Very sorry guys, I'm overly obsessed and dedicated to multi dimensional studies.

I have to respond to this beautiful glorious observation.

I don't necessarily see "ghosts" with my physical eyes unless I'm putting myself in a state of disconnection. It's pretty risky, but effective. When this is done correctly, your brain will tune into a higher frequency accordingly. making the "being" you feel in your presence become more visible.

Literally The best way to put it ---> your radio going from static to clean music or talk show or wha-evz.

This lead me to believe that our human brains have it's own knowledge aside from our conscious knowledge, or in other words " our brain knows a lot of things we don't".

A great example would be the consciousness itself. Man cannot recreate this miracle, nor would we be able to verify if done so. The best we can do is create a host for a consciousness. Just think about the amount of equations/algorithms the brain is solving per millisecond to make this possible. Not to mention, sensing a multi-dimensional being's presence. ::) ::) ::) ::)

Things like this are shot down and often put in in the same category as faith, when it may in fact be more closer to reality than we think. our knowledge as a whole is pretty friken limited, because there are so many restrictions forced upon us, so we can't make sense of anything that isn't presented to us. we have to be spoon feed, only to replace those who are doing the feeding.  :D :D :D 

IMO our reality is kinda like Jenga or cloud server. As bad as it is, It's working. That's all that matters.
:D :D :D :D 

this is just me rambling.  ;D ;D ;D

Back on topic though, if you want to interact with a multi-dimensional being, you must meet it half way.
Be aware, for being "energy" as others claim, they have strength and weight just like you and I. surprising discovery.

they can also speak, how? it's beyond my limited knowledge. 

You may think i'm nuts. That's 100% Okay
In fact, there is no way I could prove this to the world.
SO I would expect that I am questioned.

my parents thought the same, until the day I defined the characteristics of a "being" I met while experimenting in the past and it happened to be my moms grandmother, who was already dead before I was born.  ;) ;) ;)

Same would go for the mantis shrimp with 12 color receptors,
It could tell all the fish in the water what it's seeing, but no one else see's it, therefore those colors do not exist.
That fish is just imagining things, better yet, those 12 color receptors are nothing more than a overstatement, that fish probably has one of our finely established mental disorders.



I had a freaky experience when I was 6 in which I heard a voice in my room, behind me, while I was propped up reading a book in bed.

People have since tried to explain it as maybe an hallucination, or a hyper realistic dream I was having, but I don't really buy it. I remember exactly what it said and how horrible it sounded. I remember the event like it was yesterday even though it was decades ago.

I never had another experience like it and I've never seen a ghost. I don't know what to think about it, except that I'm not comfortable thinking about spirits just being around at any time, watching or whatever, or scaring the crap out of kids reading in bed.

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