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Birthdays / Members - Birthdays - June 21,...
Last post by Northern Star Girl - Today at 10:08:09 PM
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Dear Members:
Everyone here on the Forum are wishing you a very Happy Birthday
            :icon_bunch: :icon_birthday:  :icon_birthday:  :icon_birthday:  :icon_bunch:

Best wishes to you on your "special" day.

Warm Regards,
[Northern Star Girl}

Member Blogs / Re: Live From NY...It's Me :)
Last post by JamieInNYC - Today at 08:28:50 PM
survived the vacation...and turning around for a quick work trip. not to philly, which means taking Jamie with me is a touch more challenging. but, possibly maybe.

anyone around College Station, TX?
Transgender talk / Re: Terrible dysphoria today
Last post by Alana1990 - Today at 07:40:37 PM
@Sarah B, I booked the leg waxing a month ago. I've been counting down the days. I'm giddy with excitement to have smooth legs. I haven't had hairless legs since I was in college. 16 years of cycling and hiking has given me good legs to show off. 😁
Transgender talk / Re: Terrible dysphoria today
Last post by Sarah B - Today at 07:21:58 PM
Hi Alana

You Go Girl

Especially the leg waxing, the best way to have hair free legs!

Love and Hugs
Sarah B
Official Greeter
Transgender talk / Re: Terrible dysphoria today
Last post by Alana1990 - Today at 06:58:38 PM
@Sarah B, I usually can distract myself and change my thoughts. Nothing I did seem to distract me. The heat at work definitely didn't help. I'm planning on doing some of the things on that list this weekend. I bought a purse a few weeks ago that I'm planning on carrying this weekend, and I'm getting my legs waxed next weekend, too.
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Transgender talk / Re: Terrible dysphoria today
Last post by Sarah B - Today at 06:22:06 PM
Hi Alana

Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time again with your dysphoria.  Lori has suggested somethings to do to take your mind of it.  I would do what Lori mentioned you should do to alleviate the symptoms.

There are a couple of other things that you could do, one is to seek another 'therapist' appointment,  It looks like it has been almost a month since you spoke to one.  Maybe talk to them about what you can do in the future to combat this dysphoria.

Second, Iztaccihuatl mentioned a couple of things you can do, in this thread which you started, Ways to be feminine in guy mode.  It might be a good idea to reread that thread in general.

If you need further help please let us know as we are here to help you ease the pain that you are going through.

All the best for the future.

Love and Hugs
Sarah B
Official Greeter
It is generally assumed that estradiol is directly responsible for shrinking genitals in MTF people, but I have learned that it is actually lowered testosterone which causes this. I was diagnosed with Hypogonadism more than a decade prior to commencing HRT, and I suffered significant atrophy. For many years prior to HRT, I had Phimosis, where the foreskin shrinks so much as to prevent urination without pain and creating a risk of infection. My genitals had receded into my body, leaving an ugly mess of skin, so while it looked good in panties and swimwear, not so good bare, and a source of some discomfort.

When I went for my consult for GRS, my surgeon said he needed to inspect my glans, and I told him it was impossible and I had not seen it for over a decade, He was surprised and during his inspection, he had to 'squeeze things out to get a sense of what he had to work with (though he still didn't see my glans), which was uncomfortable (and his hands were cold). He concluded there was just enough tissue for PIV, but the depth would have been limited. I had decided on minimal depth already, so it wasn't a problem.

So while shrinkage can be desirable, it may come with complications and some infection risk.