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Music / Re: Music you are listening to...
Last post by Lori Dee - Today at 08:51:04 AM

Hello lissajonees,

I'm Lori Dee. Welcome to Susan's Place!

It looks like you are a new member here and this is your first post. Thank you for contributing to the discussion.

We strive to make this a safe place to find information and to share your thoughts and comments. We all come from different backgrounds and represent a wide range of experiences. No matter who you may be, you are always welcome at Susan's Place.

We would like to get to know you. Once you feel comfortable here, please feel free to stop by the Introductions Forum and introduce yourself and tell us something about you.

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Once again, Welcome to Susan's Place!

~ Lori Dee

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@Sarah B
@Northern Star Girl
Member Blogs / Re: Davina's diary
Last post by davina61 - Today at 08:50:10 AM
Well I made it to the workshop, did a few things and back for 2! Still that was 2 jobs less and a tidy up.
General discussions / Re: What was the first concert...
Last post by KathyLauren - Today at 06:31:31 AM
The Beatles, Glasgow, 1964.  Probably their October concert, though they also played Glasgow in May.  Aside from the first few chords of "She Loves You", I couldn't hear anything except screaming!

It was a group outing with the Cub pack.  I am sure my parents had to pay something for the tickets, but I have no idea how much.

I was 10.
Member Blogs / Re: Jenn's Journey, Part 2
Last post by Gina P - Today at 05:34:05 AM
I think their thought is getting you up and moving improves circulation which improves healing. It also reduces the chance for blood clots.
Coming out of the closet / Re: Stuck in the closet
Last post by Maid Marion - Today at 05:30:31 AM
My wife would see a therapist about her issues.  Insurance didn't cover it so it was a big expense but she needed it.
We both agreed that I didn't need to see a therapist, though she said she had no issues if I ever wanted to see one.  This is highly unusual for someone here. I'm used to being different.

She had a compound bow and liked archery but expressed no interest the entire time we were together.
I found out why with some limited range arrows I bought on Amazon.  I'm a natural at archery and stuck an arrow in a tree at 100ft on my very first try!
I placed two arrows exactly where I wanted at shorter distances as a warm up.  Her ego couldn't handle that.
Cooking / Re: Do you like to eat waterme...
Last post by ChrissyRyan - Today at 05:25:34 AM
Some people salt watermelon without tasting it first, which seems odd.

In fact, it seems odd to add salt to any food without tasting the food first.

Cooking / Re: What are you having for di...
Last post by ChrissyRyan - Today at 05:24:24 AM
Tuesday I had a meal at a hibachi grill. Included was chicken, rice, veggies such as zucchini, a clear soup, a small salad, and some cooked noodles.
Cooking / Re: What are you having for di...
Last post by ChrissyRyan - Today at 05:23:20 AM
On Monday I had four leftover pizza slices.
Cooking / Re: What are you having for di...
Last post by ChrissyRyan - Today at 05:22:58 AM
Sunday I enjoy four pizza slices and saved the other four.
Cooking / Re: What are you having for di...
Last post by ChrissyRyan - Today at 05:22:35 AM
Saturday I had a nice meal out with my sweetie.
We had a pasta dish with a name I do not remember, but it was good.