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July Goal: $2500.00
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Donors generously contribute to support the site, typically without expecting any tangible rewards in return. They have the flexibility to decide both the amount and frequency of their donations. Additionally, donors have the option to receive public acknowledgment for their contributions if they so desire.Subscribers agree to contribute a set amount at consistent intervals. While they don't receive special recognition for their contributions, they are distinguished by their member group badge, signifying their support.

Please note: Donations and subscriptions are non-refundable. Donating or subscribing does not grant you special treatment or exempt your posts from adherence to the terms of service.

If you wish to subscribe instead of donate, visit this link.

Minimum Donation
As donations are processed by PayPal, and we are charged a transaction fee for each donation, we request that you consider making a minimum donation of $5.00. However, any amount over $1.00 is accepted. There is no maximum donation limit.

Donors can choose to be publicly recognized for their donation or not. If you decide to be publicly recognized, you will be listed on a web page or forum post with your forum name and the total amount donated. This is a choice you will have to make; I will be happy to recognize any of my donors.

To be publicly recognized for your donation, you must have and be logged into your forum account when you make your donation.

How to Donate or subscribe

To make a donation, continue on below. (To be publicly recognized for your donation, you must be logged into your forum account when you make your donation.)

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