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Introductions / Re: So confused
Last post by LoriDee - Today at 02:07:47 PM
When you have doubts or questions, we are here to support you in any way we can.
We have all been through various versions of this experience, so we can understand and offer advice or guidance.

One more thing, if you are comfortable here, you might want to start your own Member Blog. That serves as your "home" here on the forum where you can post updates, as you may be comfortable with, and we can follow so we can see how you are doing.
Been there for sure.

But it does not make you less trans. Humans enjoy pleasure. Being transgender has nothing to do with sex. Read that again. Being transgender has nothing to do with sex.

Transgender means your gender identity (how you see yourself) does not match the body you are living in. So a transgender person can be gay, straight, asexual, pansexual, or anything in between.

Understand that biological sex, gender identity, sexual preference, and romantic preference have nothing to do with each other. They are separate facets of our body, mind, and spirit.
Introductions / Re: So confused
Last post by Helen994 - Today at 02:03:45 PM
Thank you, hopefully I can be brave enough like everyone here to keep pursuing my true self
Introductions / Re: So confused
Last post by LoriDee - Today at 01:58:56 PM

We all do that. you are not alone.
There is a reason the rear-view mirror is smaller than the windshield:
You're not going that way!

Keep looking ahead. Focus on the life to come, not what you may have lost. Hang in there, Sister.
Male to female transsexual talk (MTF) / Sexual confusion
Last post by Helen994 - Today at 12:51:18 PM
Hey everyone (please put this put this post on another thread if it's not right place to post this😅)

So I just wanted peoples thoughts on this. Although I've (male at birth) always had questions about my gender (which I was always try to push away and pretend it's not happening) I've had quite a few sexual partners (cis women) and I wanted to know if it was normal to feel like sex was like meh take it or leave it?

I love the body of a woman and wish that I had it and when we do adult activities when my appendage is being touched or used it's not that it feels disgusting but it doesn't feel right either. It's hard to explain like when I'm doing adult activities to her (that's not using the appendage) I'm in the zone I enjoy it. But yet when I use the other thing it's like I come out of the zone and almost like clock watching. And this has been with every single woman I've been with.

I'm just scared that maybe because I'll still use it makes me less trans because I'll use it?? Like if I had a genie I'd insanely wish for it to be gone and so I'm really confused.
Introductions / Re: So confused
Last post by Helen994 - Today at 12:18:14 PM
Hey lovelies.

Yes 100% I will be honest with them. I want to know and be sure what's going on with them.

Ever since being open to myself more it seems certain to me where my head is. But I'm starting to struggle with how different my life would have been if i had been born in the correct gender. I've been rethinking my life over in my head and it's just heartbreaking to realise how different the life I have now is just to the one I envision in my head and wish had happened.
Member Blogs / Re: Davina's diary
Last post by davina61 - Today at 10:08:57 AM
Messages from my 3 wishing happy fathers day ( I dont mind as its who I was) and eldest says he will pop round later so called at the shop to get his card and a bottle for his birthday on Tues.
 Mum had dug a root of spuds for her lunch (she has main meal in middle of the day) and she gave me some more broad beans, lots of flowers on the runner beans so hope they set. Blackberry bush covered in fruit and the bees were busy on the remaining flowers.
Cooking / Re: What has been the most dis...
Last post by Oldandcreaky - Today at 09:39:29 AM
Quote from: LoriDee on June 14, 2024, 10:29:20 PMTofu

Slippery, slimy, and no flavor at all. What is the point?

Tofu is flavorless, but it's a flavor sponge, ever ready to absorb all sorts of yummy flavors. I, unlike you, quite like the texture. It's like a scallop.
Member Blogs / Re: Allie's Blog IV: Revenge o...
Last post by Oldandcreaky - Today at 09:37:29 AM
If there were a line of merchandise marketed at old and creaky gals like me, I'd be all over that. Perhaps Hello Old Cow?
Member Blogs / Re: The Story of Lori
Last post by LoriDee - Today at 08:53:13 AM
Family dynamics can be thought-provoking. Since my transition, I have changed my role within the family dynamic. < deadname > was married three times, divorced twice, widowed once, and had two children during the first marriage which ended in a bitter custody battle. The children ended up being placed in "the system" and were adopted by my brother during the custody battle. He forbade the children from contacting me, so there is no relationship between <deadname> and that part of the family.

Since transitioning, I realize that Lori Dee is single, has never been married, and has no children. I celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day to pay tribute to my parents and do not expect the same in return from <deadname's> offspring.

This morning, I got a heartwarming text message from my cousin. She has been very accepting, even joyful about my transition, but we only talk occasionally... usually around holidays.

Her message this morning made me smile because she is trying very hard:

"Hey, Cuz, this is kinda hard for me. I know I missed Mother's Day and now it's Father's Day!! But I'm confused on which day I should be wishing you a Happy ________ Day???  Either way, I want you to know I am thinking about of you!!! Love you!!! < heart emoji >

It is always refreshing to have someone in your life who doesn't have an agenda.