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Birthdays / Birthdays - July 23, 2024 - Me...
Last post by Northern Star Girl - Today at 06:10:35 PM
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Dear Members:
  9 Members Birthdays to recognize on July 23, 2024
    Wishing each of you a very Happy Birthday
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What are your plans for your Birthday? 
        Dinner out with friends and family?
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On your Birthday, check your profile for a special gift...

    Again, wishing you well and enjoy your special day.
Warm Regards,
[Northern Star Girl]

After 60+ years of looking at this, I have developed this view. We are born incongruent with our birth sex, and we all realise at some point in our lives that we have conflict with our sex. For some, this occurs late in life, but for others , like myself, it goes back to our earliest memories.

At 4 year old I dreamed nightly os waking up as a girl, as at the time, there wasn't a way I knew of to transition other than magic! As I grew, I learned more, and I considered transition, but felt it was not possible for me. I identified the conflict and yearnings as dysphoria, and though I was able to temporarily distract myself by being insanely busy, some level of it was always there. I learned to manage it, by giving myself periods of affirmative action.

It wasn't always thinking of transition, but often discomfort with my gender role at the time. To overcome this discomfort, I took affirming action, which often took the form of imagining transition. From my 50's, my dysphoria increased, and in my 60's, it became critical. I didn't seriously consider transition until my health declined and my doctor insisted I had no option. Then it dominated my thoughts until after my surgery.

So I have learned that thinking of transition was a way of combating dysphoria, and it didn't always take the form of actual transition, but often simple affirming thoughts.


@valerie anne
If you are trying to lactate, then you may be getting what you wish for.

On the other hand, when I read about breast pumping, particularly for MTF breast
enlargement, please be very careful with excessive pump suction, you could draw blood and
cause injury to your nipples and breasts.

HUGS, Danielle

Member Blogs / Re: The Story of Lori
Last post by Oldandcreaky - Today at 04:20:50 PM
Yikes, Lori.
I am regularly using dual electric breast pumps to make my boobs larger. I'm currently up to a 36 DD cup, with significant nipples.

I wear a bra in bed to prevent nipple chafe, and this morning, my left bra cup was significantly damp.

Squeezing the breast produced nothing, as did 30 minutes on the breast pump.

 I have been trying to increase the size of my breasts through pumping, but this is a bit of a shock!       

 abridged    unabridged
Cooking / Re: What are your favorite veg...
Last post by KathyLauren - Today at 02:13:05 PM
Quote from: ChrissyRyan on July 18, 2024, 06:50:09 PMHave you tried rhubarb?

Rhubarb and strawberries were made for each other.  Put them together in a pie and I am in heaven!
Fun and Games / Re: Two Word Association Game ...
Last post by LoriDee - Today at 02:08:45 PM
optimism   pessimism