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The world according to Betty: a transvestite

Blog about transgender issues, photos, tips and tricks for trannies, my reflections on nowadays society. ... Read more

Male Cross Dressing Transformation

Male Crossdresser Watch Kelly Grow ... Read more

Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI)

FFS and GRS surgeon in Bangkok, Thailand. ... Read more

Just You - Home of Glamour Boutique 2

A transgender (GLBT, TG) friendly crossdressing boutique located in Las Vegas. Amy and her staff have years of experience transforming men into beautiful women. ... Read more

Trans Passions

100% free online dating and social networking site for the trans community, offering photo personals, chat, email, forums, blogs and video. ... Read more

Crossdresser Heaven

Crossdresser Heaven offers fashion, makeup and body movement tips for men crossdressed and transvestites who want to look and feel more feminine. Christian crosdressers will find a vibrant discussion ... Read more

Feminine Glamour

If you ever wanted to look super glamourous this is the place to begin. Become ultra feminine and sexy and look like a showgirl. ... Read more


Complete transformation from male to female in NY ... Read more

Transvestite Lounge

As a woman who loves crossdressing men I want to share my thoughts and experience with the world. ... Read more

My Changing Room

Boston's elegant, whimsical and private setting for fulfilling feminine fantasies. Transformations, tea parties, photography and lots of ruffles! ... Read more

The Eunuch Archive

The Eunuch Archive is a support site for the Eunuch Community. This page includes information about castration and may be offensive or inappropriate for some. ... Read more

FTM Packing Gear

Packing Gear for Transmen, FTM's & Drag Kings! Your Custom Made Gear Headquarters Made Just for You! ! No Fancy Store front - Personal 1 on 1 Service and Amazing ... Read more

Amanda Richards' True Colors Makeup Artistry

Complete male to female transformation, glamour photography, makeup lessons, wig sales and styling. ... Read more

Girls Club Reporter

TG resources; surgeons, hormones, organizations, info, shopping, articles, photos. ... Read more

Tranny Personals

Contacts site for crossdressers and transvestites plus like-minded adults with online chatrooms and instant messaging ... Read more

How to Feminize Your Voice

The proven Deep Stealth method of finding your female voice for transsexual women has helped many thousands, including Calpernia Addams. ... Read more

Boudoir and Sensuous Photography for the Alternative - Cherie's Studio -Columbus, Ohio

The finest Boudoir Sensuous photography for Women Men Couples Alternative. I have studied with Ken Marcus from Playboy and Penthouse magazines. A fully romantic studio set up in Columbus, Ohio. ... Read more

pack with confidence- underwear/swimsuits- no straps, pins or velcro

TranZwear provides packing with confidence for FTM, drag kings, genderqueer, butches and anyone else that wants to comfortably pack. Offering boxer briefs, trunks, swimwear, athletic shorts and now ... Read more

absolutely Special-Trade

realistic silicone breasts & breast forms available from size A - J (up to 5 kgs!) We do offer a large range of products for crossdressers, transgenders & transvetites. If you do need help we are ... Read more

Babooms breast costume

I make a silicone breast costume using techniques I learned from working with special effect make up, props, and costuming for movies, TV, and stage. ... Read more

Transsexual Road Map

General content on decisions male-to-female transsexuals make in the process of medically and socially transitioning. ... Read more

The FTM Prosthesis

Custom penile prosthesis made by a professional prosthetist and designed to complete FTM's transition with a natural look in a choice of skin shades. ... Read more

CrossDressers' Directory

The CrossDressers' Directory is a searchable directory of Crossdressing related products and services aimed at the Crossdressing and Transvestite scene. Products are organised into category and are ... Read more

Lynn's Place

A post-op MtF transsexual provides detailed information about hormones, sex-change surgery, medical experiences, and her personal experiences transitioning. ... Read more

Transformations by Gina

I am a professional certified makeup artist in Los Angeles who specializes in M-T-F transformation and makeup instruction. ... Read more

The Fantasy Girl

Salem NH Transformation Service ... Read more

A Little Help

Manufacture and sales of non-silicone breast forms, with company history, product details, and ordering information. Jackson, California. ... Read more

PeeCock Products

This site is great and affordable as opposed to others like lola jake, and can be used as a 3-in-1 Pee, Pack, and Play. ... Read more

Le Femme Finishing School in NJ

Male to female transformation and fantasy photo studio in New Jersey. Private lessons in deportment, movement, fashion, and make-up. Escorted outings and monthly social events in Piscataway, NJ. ... Read more

Allison's Place

Allison's site includes a biography, a page on make-up and application, as well as photos that provide a step-by-step transformation. ... Read more

Bulge Buddy Female to Male Prosthesis

Cyberskin Bulge Buddy Female to Male Prosthesis. 2 colors. 2 sizes. ... Read more

Ecstasy of Erica's Crossdressing

Experienced hetrosexual CD provides links, photos and diary. ... Read more

A Crossdressers Secret Garden

Informative site with family-type information for the spouse or SO of CD's. Opinion poll, survey, and other links. ... Read more

Exceptional Voice Inc.

Kathe Perez is the founder and president of Exceptional Voice, Inc. As a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Kathe has been working in the field for 25 years. As a Voice Femininization Specialist, ... Read more


Transform into a woman with one body part at a time. ... Read more

Becky Storm

All about a transgendered girl, her life, her adventures, her indecisions about hairstyles and colour and her insights into the question "why?". ... Read more

Over The Rainbow Transformations

A lovely transformation studio in Portland, Oregon. Offering a full line of services!! ... Read more

Mariette Pathy Allen, Photographer

I have been photographing the trans community for 30 years now, and regularily make presentations at conferences. ... Read more


Josett is Central Florida's Premiere Beauty Consultants for the Transgender and Crossdressing community. Make-up, Wardrobe, Shopping, Feminine Lessons and More! ... Read more

Dr. Chettawut Tulayaphanich M.D.:Cosmetic and Sex reassignment Surgery in Thailand

Board-certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery, He is recognized one of the most famous gender reassignment surgeons in Bangkok. This is one of the best sex reassignment surgery locations world ... Read more

International Network for Transgender and Art

The International Network for Transgender and Art like to show and share transgender art and is a network for transgender artist. ... Read more

Feminine Voice Techniques

Offers advice and tips for feminizing the voice. ... Read more

Crossdresser Beautification

Ms. Divine is a make-up artist and image consultant with experience in make-up, fashion design and hairdressing. Vancouver, BC, Canada. ... Read more

NCTE & HRC Guide for Coming Out as Transgender

Updated 2009 pdf guide offers step-by-step guidance in talking with friends, co-workers and family about being transgender. ... Read more

Breast Form Shop

BreastFormShop.com has high quality silicone breast forms for about half the price of nearly all other online shops. They're so popular they are hard to get. They also carry Juggs, the largest forms ... Read more

P-Flag Greeley

Apr 21, 2017 |
PFLAG, originally called Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays" today it is known simply as PFLAG. The organization is a non-profit organization of LGBTQIA persons, their ... Read more

A Perfect Flower

This is my personal site. I have a blog, links and some photos ... Read more

Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg

Jun 11, 2017 |
Dr. Lincenberg's practice is called Georgia Plastic Surgery. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, he has been performing gender confirmation surgery for 17 years and is widely regarded as the go-to plastic ... Read more

Amanda's Transgender Garden

Personal website containing crossdressing, transgender life, glamour and gender issues. ... Read more

Meeshee Photography

Female photographer specializing in erotic and boudoir photography for female, transgender and transexual photography. See website for current Tour Schedule. Studio in Tampa, Florida ... Read more

Cross Dressing Personal Service

An established personal service in West London. One to one advice for makeup & clothing and a dress up service by appointment only ... Read more

A Transgender Tracking

The documented transition and diary of a young TG (MtF) person on the beginning of her journey. (2005-) ... Read more

Allison's Place

Allison's site includes a biography, a page on make-up and application, as well as photos that provide a step-by-step transformation. ... Read more

Breast Forms and More

Discrete online shopping experience for breast forms, wigs, shapers, and other transformation products. ... Read more

Claudia's Diversity

Website of Claudia Tyler-Mae, UK-based tranvestite. Features pictures, articles, surveys, personal information, advice, influences, interviews and links. ... Read more

EROSoutlet.com - Transgender Apparel And Breast Forms

Get 15% off our transgender products with coupon code "15PROMO" at checkout. ... Read more

Becoming Hailey

Atypical, geeky, passionate, airforce, gamer girl who likes to yammer on about herself and all the changes she is going through. ... Read more

Calpernia Addams : Home Page

News and views from author and entertainer Calpernia Addams. ... Read more

TS Surgery Guide

TSSurgeryGuide.com provides an updated list of sex reassignment surgeons that includes pricing, reviews, ratings and general information. ... Read more

My Favorite Girls

A blog with the latest news, photos and videos featuring the most beautiful trans women in the world. ... Read more

Breast Forms (trannycloset)

In sizes and shapes to fit every woman, with the support to help you choose. ... Read more

Anna's Place

Anna-Jayne Metcalfe, a 30+ MTF transsexual christian. Includes a biography, photos and links. ... Read more

Anne Vitale PhD: Notes on Gender Role Transition

This web site addresses issues regarding gender dysphoria, crossdressing, transsexualism, transgenderism, Gender Identity Disorder, hormones, sex reassignment surgery (SRS), the HBIGDA Standards of ... Read more

A Step Above

Specializes in high fashion footwear and accessories for women and men. ... Read more


Polish portal about crossdressing - interesting articles, tips&tricks, support, advices and much more. Link is to the English version. ... Read more

JMB Transformations

Located outside of Asheville, NC. We are the number one transformational service in the south-east. A trans-woman for 26 years, Jennifer Barge offers a full range of services from wig.make-up/fashion ... Read more

A List of Therapists

Therapists Experienced in the Treatment of Transgender Persons a state by state listing and international links. ... Read more

Adventures of Jessica

Stories and musings of a very out and about bi-gender person. ... Read more

A Woman's Journey

A blog that will be detailing my journey through transition as well as through life, ... Read more

Female to Male

FTM Transition Diary, Passing Tips, Testosterone HRT, Mastectomy, Phalloplasty, Metoidioplasty and Gender Reassignment Surgery ... Read more

Allie's Transition

Started Blog just recently to share my Transition expiernce as it happens. ... Read more


„...We Can Change Your Life ! ” ... Read more

Fashionable TG Woman

The FashionableTGWoman is the fashion blog for Sister House and it focuses on woman’s fashion and style, beauty and makeup, TG relationships and products for TG women Their scope is international and ... Read more

Penny's Excellent Adventure

This is my diary about my SRS performed by Dr. Marci Bowers in Trinidad, CO, on 02/24/2009. There are updates at 3, 6, and 12 months. ... Read more

When Communication Isn't Enough

If your wife has recently become aware of your crossdressing, either by admission or discovery, you are probably living life in the "Cold War." And at least one of you is unhappy about the degree of ... Read more

Newly Kate

Newly Kate is the transgender transition log and blog of a 27 year old, married mtf from Detroit, Michigan. ... Read more

vanessa crossdresser

I love women clothes I love being a crossdresser ... Read more

Hidden aGender

Hidden aGender, The UK, East Midlands newest TG Beauty and Photographic service. ... Read more

Melanie Anne Phillip's How to Develop a Female Voice

Melanie Anne Phillips guide to creating a truly female resonance, plus seven steps to a feminine manner of speaking. ... Read more

Androgyne Online

a site dedicated to educating the public as to the nature of androgyny and the androgyne ... Read more

Alaskan Cross Dresser Store

Studio D is Alaska's premiere makeover studio. We have wigs, clip-ons/ breast pads, shoes, makeup, and more. By appointment. Discreet location. (907)529-6099. Photos, Makeovers and transformation for ... Read more

Angela's Laptop lounge

Angela's Laptop Lounge, so called because Angela entertains by DJing from her laptop computer, is a monthly party for transgendered people, crossdressers, their friends and admirers that happens in ... Read more

Jamie Renae's Place

A NW Arkansas CD with a biography, photos and links to several established support groups. ... Read more

crossdress shop

crossdress shop Vagina Prosthesis, silicone female mask, silicone bodysuit ... Read more

DR S V KOTWAL - New Delhi, India

Part of a structured team approach to address gender dysphoria at New Delhi, India ... Read more

AVPO.com CrossDresser Store

Our crossdresser store offers clothing, wigs, makeup, fake breasts, video tutorials, and more! ... Read more


Become a Goddess and go beyond!In easy steps learn to adorn yourself in exquisite outer garments to the sexiest foundations in a caring, private setting. Complete, startling transformations. Become ... Read more

Michelle Inside

40 something TG trying to figure out what to do next with my life ... Read more

Dr. Gary Alter

Dr. Gary Alter is one of only 2 physicians in the United States who is Board Certified in both urology and plastic surgery. He is in the private practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery in the ... Read more

Dr. Christine McGinn

The clinic is called Papillon Gender Wellness Center and offers Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty, FTM top surgeries, Metoidioplasty with or without urethroplasty, Scrotoplasty, FFS, Breast Augmentation, ... Read more

Cassie's Corner

Cassie is a post-op male-to-female transsexual with information to share. ... Read more

Hormone Therapy Guidelines (British Columbia, Canada)

Discussion of and guidelines for Hormone Therapy for transsexuals. ... Read more

Vicky's Vault

Reviews, friends, biography, fun stuff, links and a 50+ list of places in the area. ... Read more

Madhuri's Blog ...The life and pain of Indian Transgender/Crossdresser.

Madhuri's Blog is one girls life struggle to be beautiful girl. News about Her life,international news and science of transgenderism. ... Read more

Dr. Suporn Watanyusakul M.D.

SUPORN WATANYUSAKUL MD, since January 1992, has practiced reconstructive and plastic surgery in Chonburi Province, Thailand. His specialisation includes facial feminisation surgery, rhytidectomy, ... Read more

Transgender Tallahassee

Apr 22, 2017 |
Transgender Tallahassee is an organization founded to support those who believe in their right to self identify, this without regard for the rigid societal norms that inhibit the fullest expression ... Read more

Kelli's Korner

A young transgendered girl's biography, photo's, links and support pages. ... Read more

Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care

A newer guide for practitioners of Trans* healthcare. ... Read more

Cute Rachel's Homepage

Rachel is a Transgender from Taiwan, Asia. She like herself in the appearance as woman and enjoy living as woman. She wish to transfer her gender to female, to be a real woman in future. ... Read more