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Wanted to do a little personal thread about my own breast augmentation journey that is happening on Tuesday.

I am currently self isolating because in the UK, you have to prior surgery after I had a covid swab.

I am quite excited but also, I am feeling like I wanna get it over with, if it makes any sense. I am not nervous, but I am sure I will probably be tomorrow night.

I have decided to go with Miss Victoria Rose who works for DRG (in Harley Street) and she's going to do my surgery at Parkside in London.

We discussed going for a 375CC (she initially suggested 400CC - she told me she's gonna have a 350/375/400 and play around and see what looks best for my frame) round implant, over the muscle as I have a good amount of breast tissue.

Not looking forward to the recovery and sleeping at 45degree angle for 2 weeks and yada yada. but yeah, we will see how this goes.

Any tips post op , or before surgery, much appreciated.

I got told to drink lots of water the day before surgery :) 

Hello again Ronnie

I know from your previous posts you are having Mentor Implants and over/in front of the muscle just like me.

I hope everything goes perfectly for your BA on Tuesday February 22nd and for your sleeping afterwards and for your subsequent recovery.


Pamela xx

Hey all, done my surgery yesterday, went really well. My surgeon is really pleased with it all, and said she did a great job.

I am currently at home, and the surgical bra is really compressing me and it's so annoying. but anyway, not feeling too much in pain but its probably because of all the meds ive been given

by the way, in the end she decided to go for 350CC on both breasts, corrected a bit a nipple as one was slightly higher than the other.

I kinda can't wait for final results as they sit incredibly high at the moment and look absolutely huge. its like changed the shape of my body as I'm quite petite and slight, and I really wanted to have a C, D max but this measured would be like a 32E/F

so yeah, I think its just all the swelling post op, but I'm really inpatient haha

anyone can advise on tips?

Oh forgot to say, obviously lost all sensitivity on my nips. praying it comes back soon as I enjoy sensitivity there

Congratulations! I don't have experience to share, but I'm sure others will. Speedy healing!

Hugs, Devlyn

Hello again Ronnie

Delighted to hear everything went well both in your eyes and in the Surgeon's view.

Hope you suffer little or no pain. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Pamela xx


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