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Changing name in UK

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Hi All,

Now I am back in the UK permanently and travelling back and forth to Holland I want get my Passport and Drivers license and everything switched to my new name

I believe I don't need a GRC to do this anyone have any fast track methods

I am still married to my wife what effects can name changes have on marriage status and certificate



In the UK its quite simple

Basically apply and you will want to order a few copies that cost extra, these are ones you need to send away with drivers license and passport and will also need for banking changes.

Precisely, that's how I did it, Kally.

Hugs to you both

Pamela xx

That looks like one of those scam sites charging for something you can get for free:

There are unenrolled deed polls, and enrolled deed polls. You can do your own deed poll on the back of a cocktail napkin. The important thing is the wording, a witness, and a signature. You can find templates online.

BTW, both of the links given above involve a fee.   ;)


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