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Vfs at Yanhee Hospital Thailand

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Yanhee delivers 🙂 im very happy with the results Dr O is a lovely person
She asked me how high i wanted my voice  i said not to high 🤔
Anyway heres a link to the result
Im back in australia now and my voice over the last month has improved
Im actually over the moon at least now if if i want to train my voice its a realistic option ..but im happy as it is for the moment
5k aud well spent 🥳 note that video is after 14 days  7 of which i was not to speak after 7 days i was allowed to speak
Great hospital and the food was delicious
Link is below ...i look yuk cause i was still swollen from ffs surgery

Very impressive results, Drexy.

Thank was a better result than i expected

Hey I think we had our surgery done at the same time. How is your recovery, i am very happy with my results :)

Yes im happy its not as good as the results others get
But its far far better than before so yes i am happy
I was asked how high i wanted it and i said not to high
I kinda wish i had said high as it can go 🤔
But at least now i can train my voice if i choose


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