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Help for Asian Trans*people

Started by Cindy, April 22, 2015, 03:25:55 AM

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We have a number of members in Asia requesting help and I have talked to an expert in this area. His advice is as follows:

"The legal environments in each of the contries varies. Wherever they are they need to contact local trans organisations,, they are best placed to offer help. I don't know where in Vietnam or Indonesia ,, but in the case of Malaysia (trans women) they should contact Justice for Sisters

Nisha at

All over Asia they should contact APTN (Asia-Pacific Transgender Network) who may be able to offer advice, and in any case will know of local organisations who may be able to help (including in Vietnam and Indonesia!!). "

These links will be added to the wiki and to Links.

I hope this helps some of our members.



Here in S. Korea, I have never heard about any organization for transgender people, but there are some groups broadly for LGBT people. The parliament has tried to legislate several laws protecting gender/sexual minorities. And, fortunately or not, I have never needed any supporting organization. The existing laws are enough.

Just do it.