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Started by Emtobe, October 08, 2016, 02:34:43 AM

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Can anyone tell me what treatments my Krankenkasse will pay for?
I come from the UK originally, but now live and work in Baden-Württemberg and have Krankenkasse with TK. Since the UK nhs only paid for my SRS, I was wondering which treatments I could get funded for or partially funded by TK.
Mostly I am interested in FFS, and hair removal.


Hi Emtobe

I can only help with the "gesetzliche Krankenkasse" (e.g. TK, AOK...) not the private ones:

- Therapy will be paid
- HRT and your endocrinologist will be paid (after the letter from the therapist)
- If after a significant time no breast growth has happend (less then german A) they will pay for breast augmentation (there could be sometimes a little struggle with the timing, some only want to pay after SRS because they think after SRS there could be a second growth spurt)
- SRS will be paid (the standard procedure - Dr. Schaff will also be paid, but has a little extra fee for the esthetics, which will not be paid by the "Krankenkasse")
- FFS will not be paid
- Laser Hair Removal will not be paid, but with fight sometimes electrolysis
- I have heard that sometimes VFS can be paid, but I would not bet on it (... and don't go to anyone else than Yeson ;) but this is only my opinion)
And: The "Krankenkasse" will only pay for procedures and services in germany*

To complete the list of costs:
- You have to pay the court costs for changing gender marker and name and will need 1-2
psychology control for which you have to pay on your own

Liebe Grüße

*There are some exceptions but they are so rare that it's not relevant to mention them.


I am sorry, but FFS will not be covered yet. There have been very rare cases where it was paid at least partially after the patients went to court over it.

Generally they do not like at all to pay procedures done outside of Germany, which means one is stuck with sub-standard procedures in many cases.

I am still going to court over my Yeson voice surgery because the option to do this in Germany meant having only 30% success rate and this was inacceptable.

Electrolysis can be paid for, but usually they will deny laser treatment, calling it "unproven to be permanent". For regular electrolysis they will often tell you that you can get it on insurance cost at a contracted medical professional. There are almost none though that do it that way, because the timeframe given to them to have it paid for by the insuracne is just a few minutes for each session, something they are not willing to deal with, so you would have to insist on doing the Electrolysis at a electrolysis professional, who cannot directly get paid by insurance. Sometimes the TK will grant you this, if you play it right; sometimes they will deny it or they will make you an offer to pay 50%.