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drugs/alcohol and masculinity/femininity

Started by extraaction, November 21, 2017, 11:33:07 PM

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as an extremely high functioning addict I am familiar with a cournucopia of substances.  I've noticed things like a little alcohol makes me feel more feminine, but enough to get drunk makes me feel more masculine.  Opiates rarely cause me to feel more feminine or masculine, though when actually taken for pain there is always a small chance of me feeeling more feminine.  Cocaine doesn't effect it one way or another,  amphetamines make me feel masculine, but psychedelics make me feel feminine.  I feel like the trans falls away when Ive taken lsd and I am a woman through and through, as feminine as I can get.  Sometimes these seem just to be internal feeling of masculinity or femininity with some substances, others seem to cause an outward change that others see too.

I find this phenomenon to be very interesting and wondered if anyone else ever noticed anything similar.  Anyone care to share how drugs and/or alcohol effect their experience of gender?  I would love to hear which drugs have which effect.  I am pretty certain that these effects will differ greatly from individual to individual.  I'd love to gather some more information on the subject.
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