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Started by jaybutterfly, February 09, 2018, 03:48:55 AM

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all the running has paid off, I have a chest of 40 inch, waist of 35, hip of 35.5

I know thats not mega special but for me having hips wider than my waist really helps my body image a lot. Hopefully if I transition and the fat storage places change, that'll make that last measurement a bit bigger :3


Heyyy that's brilliant news! I'm so glad all the hard work is paying off for you. I'm doing the same at the moment trying to shift my super stubborn tummy.

I've been doing a leg and bum work out every morning (it's on my phone so I don't forget or try and skip it). It's helped make my legs more shapely and hopefully when I start HRT I'll get a nice fat boost as well. 

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I have lost an inch off the waist (I can tell because of belt notches) but I must have gained below because my pants are way tighter at the buns and thighs areas. 


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