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Finally, my first appointment

Started by KellyGirll, May 18, 2018, 01:30:14 PM

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I had my first visit with a gender therapist yesterday. It was fantastic to say out loud what has been inside for so long. There was a lot of rambling on my part. The appointment was for an hour, but I wanted it to go on for a few hours longer. 

I definitely feel different today. I feel more feminine today, and perhaps more so than ever. We scheduled my next appointment, but her first available was almost 3 weeks afterward.UGH!!!!! I don't want to wait that long!! I was hoping to go weekly.

Almost right off the bat she asked me if was there to start HRT. I wasn't expecting that to come up at the beginning of my first visit. I mean, a huge  part of me feels that HRT is inevitable but I didn't want to start my first visit with HRT questions. I replied something to the effect that that is what I am here to figure out.  I wasn't expecting to walk out with a prescription after my first visit, but now i wish i had answered more in the affirmative.

Overall it was great and a relief. I just wish my second appointment was scheduled sooner. 


Congratulations Kelly! I understand the rambling party hehe. My appointments are now every 6 months, and are definitely alot more focused that in the beginning.


That's great news.  And to wait 3 weeks for your next appointment, don't think of it as three looong weeks.  Think of that time as a percentage of a great future, and it's here in an instant.
Assigned male at birth 1963.  Decided I wanted to be a girl in 1971.  Laser 2014-16, electrolysis 2015-17, HRT 7/2017, GCS 1/2018, VFS 3/2018, FFS 5/2018, Labiaplasty & BA 7/2018. 


Thanks for the replies and words of encouragement ladies. Though I have been moving in this direction for a while now, once you get to a certain point, you just want things to move a little faster.

I guess I wish my next appointment was sooner because it felt so good to finally talk to someone about what has been inside of me for so long. There are plenty of people in my life right now that have no idea about what i am going through.  And since the appointment, as I go about my regular daily life, all i want to do is talk about my impending transition.  I know that a week or two here or there won't matter in the big picture, but it is getting closer and closer to my next beginning.

And I am already thinking about my next appointment. Because if my next appointment after that is another 3 weeks away, I feel that I need to get more accomplished, and that adds to the anxiety.  I am thinking that I need to get the ball rolling faster and go ahead with HRT.  She did bring it up at our first meeting and I see no reason for me not to request it at our next meeting.

I know I am not getting ahead of myself because I am so far behind where I really need to be.

Anne Blake

Hi Kelly,

It is good news that you seemed to have found someone that you are comfortable talking with, not all are that way. It may be an idea to include in your next session the discussion of a plan to move forward; i.e. how many sessions is normal and how can you schedule them out with shorter periods between. My therapist, prior to providing "The Letter", gave me the name of my future OB/GYN so that I could meet with her to discuss expectations hopes and dreams. Be open and direct with your therapist to let them know what you are hoping to achieve and to make sure that you are both on the same agenda.

Good luck and enjoy the time, a lot can be gained from this.

Tia Anne


Kelly sounds great, I have only had 2 appointments with my MD so far and 3 group sessions and feel real good for taking the first and second steps.  I was asked the HRT question a while back by my normal phyc and honestly did not know the answer but knew I had gender questions.  I was fortunate to get my appointments 3 weeks apart.  I am trying not to let anxiety drive my decisions but now there is a new path available.  I would love to know how things go!

Smile from, Mike
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Congratulations! Sounds like everything is going great on your end.  :) I have my first appointment in December hopefully.


Haha...sounds like me my first appointment...I must have talked 95% of the time.
I still recall one of the first things she said is this first session was the first of five, before she would give her thoughts. The first session was two hours, and at the end, as I was walking out, she said "Nina, you're going to love transition." I guess she knew, because I certainly didn't.
I was stunned. What now?
I doubt I would have ever transitioned had it not been for therapy.

Congratulations...and good luck!
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