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Wonderful Full-Coverage Foundation

Started by sally0196, December 09, 2018, 12:04:28 PM

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When it comes to makeup, I'm pretty much a creature of habit.  Once I find a product I like, it takes a lot to get me to try something new.  But, every once in a while, usually because necessity dictates, I will try a new makeup product.  And so, it was recently, with my foundation.  For years, I have been using Mehron stage foundation to cover my flaws, and before that, I used Derma-Blend, also for many years.  Both of those previous foundations provided full-coverage.  Mehron, is a highly pigmented full-coverage foundation designed specifically for theater, and it has served me well.  As I've gotten older, however, my skin has changed, and I was noticing that heavy foundation was accentuating its texture.  I decided I need to try something different.

I looked to newer products, hoping I'd find a modern foundation that covered effectively, yet wouldn't show the texture of my skin quite so prominently.  After a ton of research, and after reading hundreds of reviews, I decided to try L'oreal, Infallible, Total-Cover foundation.  Most of the reviews stated that while providing full-coverage, Infallible, Total-Cover, also felt very light.  A few of the reviewers indicated they had issues with the foundation oxidizing and caking after a few hours of wear, but all had dry skin in common.  Those with normal to oily skin, generally didn't have the same complaints.  So, I figured I'd give the new foundation a try, and wow, am I ever glad I did.
First off, this new product from L'oreal is not expensive.  I paid $11.00 for a tube, which to me, seemed quite reasonable.  It comes in a squeeze tube with a very small orifice, which allows for precise control.  I learned from the reviews that the product is prone to separating in the tube, so I was sure to shake it vigorously for a few seconds before I squeezed out any of it.  Well mixed, the foundation is very thick, so, a little bit goes a long way.

I have always applied moisturizer underneath any foundation, and I planned to do the same thing before using this product.  Additionally, I always apply foundation with a stippling brush as this method tends to result in a more airbrushed look, while retaining the full-coverage effect.  Using blending sponges generally causes foundation, even full-coverage foundation, to go on sheer.  I squeezed out a few dots of foundation strategically placed across my face and then began working the foundation into my skin with the brush.  Immediately, I sensed I was going to like this new formula as it felt weightless on my skin.

When applying foundation, I have learned to work it into my skin using alternating circles (clockwise then counter-clockwise) with the brush.  The effect of these circular motions is that the foundation gets worked down into the pores, preventing those microscopic shadows that accentuate them.  Once I've done my entire face I go back over it using a gentle stippling motion.  Using these tried and true application methods with the new foundation garnered spectacular results.  My face looked smoother, and more natural than ever before.
The first time I used Total-Cover, I tried it without using beard cover underneath, just to see how well it covered.  And while, the foundation is truly full-coverage, and hid most of my other flaws after it cooked in, I could just detect the bluish tint of my beard shadow underneath.  The second time I applied it, I used my regular orange beard cover underneath, and this time there wasn't a hint of beard shadow showing.

So, Infallible, Total Cover foundation made my skin look amazing, but I still wanted to test its wearing power.  Would it still look good after several hours of wear?  I remember one reviewer, a girl with flawless skin to start with, I hate her, anyway, she dissed the new foundation because she said it started breaking down only a couple of hours after applying it.  However, she didn't set the foundation, choosing to wear it as it came out of the tube.  I don't know if she applied moisturizer beforehand either, but that, coupled with the fact that she did not set the foundation, could have negatively impacted her results.  I always set my makeup with a high-quality setting powder after it cooks in, and even though Infallible is a "24 hour" foundation, I chose to set it anyway.  My results were a durable finish that showed no signs of breaking down, even after six hours.
As you can tell, I really like this new foundation.  It possesses excellent coverage, yet feels weightless.  It's so nice to get full-coverage yet not feel as though you are wearing spackling paste on your face.  Like any foundation it needs to cook into your skin for 15 minutes or so, before setting with powder.  My only complaint, and this is a minor one, is that the color range is limited, and because of that, I wasn't able to find the "perfect" match for my skin tone.  Of course, I have skin under tones that lie somewhere between yellow and golden, a unique combination that has always been hard to match.  Ultimately, I'll do some experimentation by mixing different shades to get a better match, but given the price, buying two tubes doesn't break the bank.