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Should I stop the HRT?

Started by AutumnGlory, April 23, 2019, 10:06:05 AM

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I've been taking oestrogen (Estradoil  daily) since transition ten years ago.  I'm wondering if I should stop, or reduce, or try without, concerned that cancer risks increase with length of usage.

Any ideas, anyone?

Many thanks :)

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Quote from: AutumnGlory on April 23, 2019, 10:06:05 AMstop, or reduce, or try without

Nooo . . . you "loco"?  Cut back is ok, sometimes I think it helps with breast develop but, then again, prolly just my imagination. Taking "bio-identical" right?

I just do whatevers easiest . . . <signed> a pill poppin' kinda girl!

( which reminds me: that time of month to re-order! )
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I wouldn't recommend it unless there is a medical issue. If you stop, body fat will redistribute. You may lose fat from your face or hip fat could become belly fat. It could be desirable to reduce your dosage but you probably don't want to go less than a quarter transition dosage putting you in the upper menopause range. Also consider that many of us start HRT well past the age that a woman enters puberty and a woman may have higher levels than we do. This suggest we can continue HRT well past the normal menopause age.

Remember that menopause doesn't mean no estrogen, it just means lower levels.
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Thank you, Chloe and Dena. 

I've been taking the tablets for years and began to take them for granted, and had forgotten what they do.  I've now reviewed the situation. 

I used to have blood tests to see how things were going.  I'd better get on with it again!  (I lost track with a little life adventure that took me from home country and all my records.)

Other research suggests that estradiol has little cancer risk, it is mainly a risk to those with ovaries and uterus.

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