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Crazy, Amazing, or Funny Music videos

Started by Susan, January 24, 2024, 12:42:38 PM

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Hello everyone!

Today, I'm kicking off a thread dedicated to those music videos that make us laugh, drop our jaws in amazement, or just leave us thinking, "Wow, that was crazy!" Music videos can be an art form that combines visuals with music in the most unexpected ways, and I think it's time we share our favorites.

I'll start with a classic: The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist. This video is a bit of all three, it's a wild ride from start to finish, blending quirky visuals with a catchy tune in a way that's both bizarre and incredibly engaging. It's like a journey through a surreal, musical landscape that you just can't help but watch over and over.

Now it's your turn! Share the music videos that you think are crazy, amazing, or just downright funny. Let's see what hidden gems or popular classics we can gather in this thread. Don't forget to mention why you chose the video and what makes it stand out to you.

Looking forward to seeing your picks!


P.S. @Devlyn I was thinking about you when I picked this video :P Of course you have to mentally substitute that girl, when the song says that boy.
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Oh, I love this thread. Thanks Susan.

I'll add one of my favorites from the past, The Piano Has Been Drinking, by Tom Waits.

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Hey everyone!

Here's an amazing one that continues our exploration of unique and thought-provoking music videos, I want to highlight an Emmy-award winning piece that not only entertains but educates: Soomo Publishing's Bad Romance: Woman's Suffrage. This video was honored by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Nashville/Midsouth Chapter in 2012 for Best Informational/Instructional Program.

This parody music video pays tribute to Alice Paul and the countless courageous women who fought for the 19th Amendment, securing women's right to vote in 1920. It's a creative blend of history and pop culture, repurposing Lady Gaga's hit "Bad Romance" to tell a powerful story of women's suffrage.

While music videos aren't the primary focus of Soomo Publishing, they excel in using them as educational tools. For those interested in using this video in a learning context, check out their Teaching Resources.

"Bad Romance: Woman's Suffrage" is a brilliant example of how music, history, and parody can come together to create something both entertaining and informative. Can't wait to hear what you all think!

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

For context, you might also want to watch the original "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga – a global hit that dominated charts and won numerous awards, including a Grammy and seven MTV Video Music Awards. Please note, the original video contains suggestive and violent imagery.

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