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Who was the last person you came out to?

Started by Jessica_Rose, January 25, 2024, 12:37:52 PM

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Choosing the first few people to come out to can be frightening. Usually it's either a loved one or a close friend, hoping for a positive response. There is also usually a group of people we save for last, either because it's a large group or because we are afraid of their response. Who did you save for last?

The very last group of people I came out to were those we rarely see, people we send Christmas cards to. I didn't want to get a Christmas card with my dead name on it, so a few months before Christmas I sent a letter to everyone on our list. I don't think we received any responses, but none of the Christmas cards we received had my dead name.

The last people I came out to in person were my parents. I had convinced myself that my dad would never want to see me again, so I wanted to leave the worst for last. Luckily, I was wrong. Although it took a few years for my parents to get my name and pronouns right, they never seemed disappointed in me. My mom passed away four years ago, but my dad and I still see each other every month or so.

Love always -- Jessica Rose
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Sarah B

Hi Jessica_Rose

Stories like this warms ones heart.  In another thread I listed those who were directly or indirectly told. Coming Out Thread

However, my previous Dr retired. who was one of those, I told.  I have a new Dr from the same practice, who does not know and I have seen him several times and I'm thinking, do I tell him my past history or not.  I'm leaning not to, as he is just a General Practitioner GP and I'm looking for a specialist in gynecologist and endocrinologist areas and is known for taking on transsexual patients, me!

Nobody knows who will be the last person you will tell, about your their medical condition.

Best wishes and hugs
Sarah B
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