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IMPORTANT News Posting Guidelines... please read before you post

Started by Northern Star Girl, February 01, 2024, 04:36:42 PM

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Northern Star Girl

        IMPORTANT News Posting Guidelines... please read before you post

Dear Members:
We are always interested in seeing posted and relevant News Stories that will be of
interest to our LGBTQ membership. 

When posting a News Story it is vitally important that our site's News Posting Guidelines
are followed to assure that the News Source is a bona fide News Outlet and that the correct
formatting is followed which includes the Title of the Story, the News Source,  the Link
to the News Source, Date of the story, and the name of the reporter.

Also for Copyright and Fair-Use reasons it is important that if the story is of
considerable length that you will need to truncate what you post to less that 200 words.

In addition, if the story contains triggering language relating to Suicide, Murder, Rape,
Abuse, etc that you will need to post a *Trigger Warning* in the Subject Title and/or the
beginning of your posted News Story. 
At the end of your posted story you can post appropriate "HELP Lines and websites.

  You can read about Triggers, Trigger Warnings, and Help-Lines here:

  Here are the Official Susan's Place Forum
News Posting Guidelines:

      Final Suggestions:  
I know that it can be just a little confusing regarding
                                        the proper and acceptable way to post a News Story, so
                                        please take a moment to look at how previous News Stories
                                        have been posted and you will get the idea of what to do.

If you need assistance you can contact any of our News Staff members:

    ... and you can also contact any of the members of our Moderation Staff.

Warm Regards,
[Northern Star Girl]
The Forum Administrator
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