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'The People’s Joker' Review — Vera Drew’s Smart Parody Gets the Last Laugh

Started by Jessica_Rose, April 03, 2024, 06:20:55 AM

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'The People's Joker' Review — Vera Drew's Smart Parody Gets the Last Laugh

Story by Ross Bonaime (2 April 2024)

The road to getting The People's Joker released in theaters has been a long one. But now, nearly two years after its initial premiere, The People's Joker is finally getting a release. It was well worth the wait. Starring, directed, edited, and co-written by Vera Drew, it is a powerful take on her own story, a look at gender, transitioning, the world of comedy, and familial issues—all in a story that simply uses the world of DC characters to further explain her feelings in a more concise and entertaining way.

By using the format of a Batman story, Drew can tell her story with humor and smart parallels, exploring this formative time in her life in a way that doesn't get overwhelmed by the darkness. We can read between the lines of what Drew and Bri LeRose's screenplay is saying about this period, without being told the harsh details of what really happened. That being said, the metaphors within The People's Joker don't always work. Sometimes, the Batman parody itself feels like it's losing the deeper themes within this story. But these moments are easy to overlook, considering the larger purpose and drive of the narrative, and how aptly Drew presents these ideas within this context.

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