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I felt hopeful after my GP referred me. Four years on, I'm still waiting...

Started by Jessica_Rose, April 17, 2024, 07:29:21 AM

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I felt hopeful after my GP referred me. Four years on, I'm still waiting to be seen

Story by Amelia Decruz (16 April 2024)

I was 19 years old when my doctor referred me to a gender identity clinic.

It was December 2019 and now – more than four years later – I'm still on a waiting list to have my first appointment.

Imagine how awful it feels to essentially have your life on hold, having support cruelly deprived from you.

I'm an adult. Why is this care being denied for such an unreasonable amount of time?

That's why one particular part of the recently published Cass Review struck a chord with me: 'NHS provision for children and young people across the board requires greater service and workforce development and sustained investment. Without this we are letting down future generations.'

As a transgender woman without access to life-changing healthcare on the NHS, I believe we're not just failing future generations of young trans people – but current generations, too.

My biggest fear is that transphobes will abuse the (Cass) report's findings to suggest the implementation of a total ban on gender-affirming care within the UK altogether.

I just want easier access to the support I need so I can get on with my life. Why is that seemingly too much to ask?

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This hits me right in the feels.
I began transitioning in September 2019 and started HRT in January 2020. The VA made promises to veterans, then reiterated those promises in 2016. Now, in 2024, they reneged on those promises. I am still waiting along with more than 134,000 other transgender veterans. "Thank you for your service" sounds so hollow coming from the VETERANS Administration.
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Hugs to all who have been and are affected by The Cass Review. If I had written my responses to it, I hope it would have been like this article at
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Summer 2022 I went through gender confirmation surgery as a result of cancer.
2024 her cardiologist and a therapist wrote letters approving of resuming HRT, she's legally changing her name, and now she's getting on the calendar for surgery!

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I too have been waiting 4 years with no sign of getting any NHS care. But, I am sorry to say, the writing is on the cards.

All trans health care will be banned, and those seeking help will be subject to conversion therapies. This will be the legacy of the Cass review and report. Parliament will win. Parliament is supreme.

The long term strategy will be to eliminate all transgender people.

Note I say parliament not government, this is because it transcends all parties in the UK not just the government and electing a new government of any colour will make no difference. OK they will not put people in prison for being trans, they will lock them in their on prisons. The UK will end up one of the most anti trans state in the world.

I hope I am wrong..

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